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My blog's colour won't show!

  1. I've recently started using WordPress and when I go to "customize" to change my blog's background colour It changes, however when I refresh my blog page to see if there is any change, there aren't any!

    Not only the colour doesn't change, but also the font of my blog posts and my blog's name!

    Help please!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Customizer is only a preview of the changes you can make if you buyt he Custom Design upgrade.

  3. Omg. So basically I can't have a blog with the color I choose?
    In that case I will have to cancel the current account I have and use another site.

  4. No.

    Go to the dashboard Theme->Theme Options page and see what you can change there. In some themes you can change a lot for free. In some you cannot. An awful lot of themes have customizable backgrounds. To customize the fonts, however, you need a $30 a year Custom Design upgrade. Still cheaper than hosting externally at $120 a year and up.

  5. Thank you for your help.

  6. You're welcome. I wish the Customizer had a warning; we answer this same question a few times per day.

  7. I've tried a new theme called "The Fictive" I have one problem however, how do you change the small circular picture on the left hand side? Thank you.

  8. Consult the theme description please The small circular picture is a gravatar image. Scroll down to "Gravatar Email" on that page.

  9. thank you

  10. You're welcome. :)

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