My blog’s content copied on another blog ?! oO

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    It’s very weird, only minutes after publishing a little review I made on my blog ( ) about Gears of War for PC, some dude copied the review on his blog. Although he links to my blog, it’s quite weird.

    Here is the blog that copied my post:

    Very weird, is there a way to contact that blog’s owner ?

    I tried to post a comment but I need to register …

    Thanks in advance if you have any infos on that blog.


    It could be they are getting it from your RSS feed. If you want to minimize this sort of thing, set your RSS feed to “summary” at options > reading under “syndication feeds.” Also you can, on the same page, set the number of posts displayed on your feed to a low number, such as 1 or 2.


    Should have added: Since they gave a link back to you, and did not include your full article, it will likely bring visitors to your blog and they may bookmark you and return.



    They are a Splogger. Contact Blogger to have them removed if you feel what they are doing is objectionable.



    ok yeah it can be a good thing but i’m just amazed and in wonder on how it is possible that they saw my blog, and link to it etc so fast when I can’t even find my own blog on google lol.

    Also about the RSS thing, I don’t know if I have one where can I see that please?

    Thanks again for your help :)



    what is a splogger ?


    Your RSS feed is at .

    This is from this cached page on Google:,,sid9_gci1137059,00.html+splogger&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us&client=safari

    “A splog (spam blog) is a fake blog created solely to promote affiliated Web sites, with the intent of skewing search results and artificially boosting traffic. Some splogs are written like long-winded ads for the Web sites they promote; others have no original content, featuring either nonsense or content stolen from authentic Web sites. Splogs include huge numbers of links to the Web sites in question to fool Web crawlers (programs that search the Web for sites to index). The sploggers associate popular search keywords with their pages so that the splog links turn up in blog search results and are sent out as search subscription notifications through e-mail and RSS feeds.”


    8 months and you’re still not listed on Google? Try doing what I posted here:

    But they found your blog and subscribed to your feed and their feed aggregator picks it up and automatically posts what you posted on their site.

    Splogger is short for spam blogger. A site that pulls many posts like yours and others to their site usually to make money by all the ads they have on their site.



    /nod to tsp

    And if you want to change your RSS feed from Full to Summary, you do that via the dashboard-options-reading-syndication feeds-for each article, show-summary
    (took too long getting my morning coffee)


    Oops. Writing at the same time. [wave]



    sorry but i’m not english so i’ll try to get what your explaining me (thanks by the way).

    So how can I stop these people from getting my blog’s content? Is what they’re doing something that could create troubles for me ?

    I didn’t understand the purpose of the RSS feed manipulation you suggested me to do, what is it for please?

    @mymyspacelayouts: well I create my account on wordpress a long time ago but didn’t really start blogging until now. I guess I’m visible on google since the blog that copied my content found me. Well I think …

    I’m new to blog and stuff, so thank you for your help and patience guys :)!


    This happens to me often, and I’ve posted about it a couple of times. Here’s a link to my latest on this problem.

    Please read the comments too. Timethief is not only active here, she has left valuable info in her comments.

    These people are thieves. Fight them.


    So how can I stop these people from getting my blog’s content? Is what they’re doing something that could create troubles for me ?

    You could email them and ask them to stop using your blog. And no it won’t cause problems for you. Could actually help as inbound links could help your ranking on Google and Technorati if they recognize those types of sites as inbound links.

    I didn’t understand the purpose of the RSS feed manipulation you suggested me to do, what is it for please?

    RSS feeds are to help your visitors and notify them when you update your blog with new posts. They have a feed reader like Bloglines or some other feed reader.


    If you display the full post in your RSS feed, it makes it all the easier for sploggers and scrapers to steal your content. If it’s set to summary, then all they will get from your RSS feed is just that, a short summary of a line or two.



    Thanks for your help guys !

    [“shouting alone in front of his computer” mode on]
    F**ck … I don’t have time to fill out forms and stuff to complain about sploggers etc … I recently got my email hacked and it took me 1 week of time and energy to solve it.

    Now if I have to send thousands of mail each time some dude tries to earn money just by link to my blog, i’m going to go crazy :(. How did he even find my blog ? ! [/mode off]

    @ lettershometoyou: thanks for informative link !
    However I don’t have a fax so I can’t really send them the form :(.
    Is there a way to contact them by email? The blog in question doesn’t use adsense (i think) and has no ads.
    But it’s hosted on Blogger, maybe I can try to send them a mail.

    But it seems like I have to be the copyright owner of the stuff stolen … and I’m not, I mean I did the review etc but I used screenshots and videos I found on the net. I’m just the owner of the text written. Can I steal fight the case ?

    @mymyspacelayouts: Yeah I know about RSS but I didn’t really understand the manipulation thesacredpath explain, but now I do :) !

    @thesacredpath: thanks man for the RSS info, but they only copied and linked to one of my posts (I have posted 2 posts so far). So I guess if they used my RSS feed they would have both of them.
    What I’m curious about is how did they get ahold of my blog. I tried finding my own blog with Google and gave up at page 10 lol so how did they get it so quickly ?!



    ok just modified my RSS feed options like thesacredpath said, should limit the damage :) !

    Thanks again for your help guys !



    damn couldn’t edit my latest post here before the delay, sorry for replying so many times in a row, just an info, I discovered that splogger under the Incoming Links on my blog stat page, and there was a link to this page:

    With only THEIR splogger on there oO ! I tried looking for (my blog) on this search engine and the only result I get is their splogger. Totally crazy lol !
    The perfect illustration of what was said in thos splogger info links you gave me. I’m in awe, Internet is trully a uncontrolable beast …


    I tried finding my own blog with Google and gave up at page 10 lol

    Just place the url link and Google it. If the link doesn’t show up right away as a clickable link to your blog, then you’re not listed.

    Either email them if they have their email listed or leave them a comment.


    If the written text in the review is yours, then it is under copyright protection the moment you publish it.

    Somewhere on the blogger site, there should be a contact form or something where you can report abuse. You will need to provide links to the stolen material as well as links to the material on your site.



    @mymyspacelayouts: I tried what you suggested, it didn’t list my blog. So i’ll try the link to register my blog on google.

    However I still can’t understand how they could get ahold of my blog if it’s not even listed in Google nor Google Blog Search. The only link to my content is the content they copied and it’s on Google Blog Search. Weird …

    @thesacredpath: ok thanks for the info :). I checked out the Blogger site, and you were right, there is a little page where you simply past the splogger’s url and that’s hit. How ever there was no space to explain the problem or link to the original content (my content). Wait and see :s

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