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My blog's content copied on another blog ?! oO

  1. US law applies to our blogs; you may also have copyright issues/claims of a different nature, in a different country, if that's the country where you created the artworks. But we agree to have legal disputes arising from our blogs resolved in US courts: that's in the Terms of Service.

  2. Yes it's a serious site. Just how serious is up to you to determine and that can only be done by reading. Here's an excerpt from their FAQs:

    Is the copyright protection you provide valid worldwide?
    Yes. What provides is a public date registration of your original digital creations. This process is verifiable proof worldwide that your digital creation was registered to you on a specific date.

    Here's the link to the FAQs

  3. lettershometoyou

    If you want to get any action out of Google Adsense, the form I've printed on my post has to be filled out and either faxed or snail-mailed to them, with your signature. Email they won't do, which is amazing but that's the way it is.

    And as I pointed out on that post, once you have the letter on file, filling it out and sending it takes only a few minutes for each new case, and the results are pretty quick. Within 24 hours they took down the post they had stolen from me.

  4. lettershometoyou

    You will also find a good post on how to detect and fight back against content theft on The Blog Herald here:

  5. @letters
    You're giving me a lot of reading material.

  6. lettershometoyou

    It's a lot to tackle at once, I know, and it seems daunting, but once the routine is down, it doesn't take much time to tackle.

  7. lettershometoyou

    D'oh! Can't we edit these anymore??

  8. Nope, can't edit our posts in the forum anymore:

  9. Thanks but i'll first try to take care of it through the online system they have on Blogger.

    But how do they get money from copyright registration? Normally you have to pay to get a copyright, this is too good to be true :p. Also, do they keep your content on their website?

  10. No, you do not have to pay to get a copyright. You own copyright from the moment you create an original work (there are a few countries which don't recognize copyright, but they are only a handful and not likely to be a factor in the blogosphere at the moment).

    FWIW, I've killed off several blogs just by reporting them to Google. I do NOT use the legal form they tell you in email is required: I just keep using their online form and reporting every single violation. It has taken anywhere between three days and a week and a half to get the blog's adsense pulled, but it does work.

  11. lettershometoyou

    So RC, are you saying that faxing that form in is a waste of time?

  12. lol now there is a new joke: I posted something about Gears of War's update ( the copied post was also about gears of war) and now someone posted a comment on that new post with the name of the old gears of war post as a user name and just quoted in his comment parts of my new post ...

    Through wordpress control panel, I got his IP, can I ban him from my blog? I suspect it's the same splogger.

  13. Re: the form. I'm saying that it's often unnecessary. It's certainly not going to do you any harm to fax it in, though.

    You can ban comments from certain IPs, I believe. Go under Options, Discussion and there is a blacklist box at the bottom. But what I'd do is mark his comment as spam. That's what he is, and if Akismet learns that from you, he won't be able to leave spam comments on any blogs.

  14. raincoster I used your technique, thanks for the tip !

    A little update about the splogger ...

    HIS copied post of my post is on technorati but not mine lol, totally strange !

    Even though my blog's adress is displayed this splogger thing is so weird.

  15. Have you claimed your blog on Technorati? Be sure to do that (use the Quick Claim method). Your blog won't show up as a reaction to your own blog; that only lists links to you. You'll show up just fine on a URL search, though:

  16. "Your blog won't show up as a reaction to your own blog" what do you mean?

  17. Do I need to claim my blog on technorati? It seems it's already featured there, since I can get infos on it using the link you gave me. Also I thought sent infos on the blog they host to technorati.

  18. The search you posted was a search for REACTIONS, meaning other blogs that have linked to you.
    Yes, you need to claim your blog on Technorati: you can't tag it until you claim it, and you can't get access to Technorati tools until you do either. It exists and is counted, but it's not connected to you as a blogger. WordPress pings for you (ie lets T know you've posted something new) but that's all they do. Claim it, and once you've done that, tag it; it's good for your hits, and it helps people know what your blog is all about.

  19. claim my blog and then tag it ? you mean use Technorati as a tag for my posts ?

    I'm not english and i'm new to all this so my questions might sound dumb :(

  20. Claim your blog. Just do it.

    Then you can list tags for your blog; they will tell other people what you blog about all the time. Technorati gives you a tag cloud for the tags you use. Take a look at my Technorati page here:
    My blog has a tag cloud associated with it, because I tagged it on Technorati. It also has a list of people who've Favorited it. These are good things. Technorati gives you some useful tools for promoting your blog, and it's considered the best resource out there for searching and ranking blogs, so it's a good idea for you to get familiar with it.

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