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My blogs default text has gone humongous!!! HELP!

  1. Its unreadable, the first couple of etry's are standard sizem the rest if the blog is in big giant text and my readers *and me myself* cant bear it, i've looked at all possibilities of how its happened but cant figure it out, help please??

  2. You have a faulty code somewhere. This is about closing tags - something like this:


  3. aah.. you mean like i've posted a new entry and left that in somewhere??

  4. And changing the theme won't help!

  5. Hahah.. I've tried that, several times, I did a few new entries, i'll search for that little tag thing!

    If it works your a genius!!

  6. No. You published a post and forgot a closing tag. Or deleted it by accident. I think it is the second post from the top.

    I can't see that properly when you change the themes...

  7. I can't find the post. Irritating...

  8. Hmm.. I'm thinking its that too..
    there was a lot of faffing about with that post, when i was adding it

    lets see if i can change it to a simpler theme and i'll work on it again, if not I';; re - do this post again

  9. i'll re-do*

  10. On your post, "Band ka bajana band kyu ho gaya?" you have an open "strong" (bold) tag. Open it for edit, go into code view, and right before the "read more tag, remove this<strong><font size="4">and then save the post and everything should return to normal.

  11. universe its gotta be an open mark up in

    Note the large "o comments"

    but my eyes are buggin out looking at the source code.

    see if you can find it

  12. sacred path, you rock! right im on it now...

  13. ok you found it... speedy typers

  14. Yess.. it worked!!
    Thank you so much everyone!
    This has been buggin me all day.. I know where to come next time! :D :D

  15. Yes, the second post from the top, speedy typers. :-D

  16. You're welcome, and happy blogging.

  17. :o)

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