My blogs don’t show up in search

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    My blogs don’t appear in your blog search when i type in titles or subjects. Why not?

    The blog I need help with is



    We really need the blog addresses in question beginning with http before anyone can begin to help you.



    A related question is how do I get my “trial” blog to show up with my icon. In other words I’ll work on my original blog latter (after I know what i’m doing) and am working on something lighter like: Can I attach that to my name so I’ll get a reader or two???



    Yes, but you can only do it for one blog at a time. Go into your Profile and put the URL under “Website”.


    Your profile says you’ve been here for a year but has the blog been updated for a year or just very recently? If recently, It usually takes a few weeks to show up.


    Oh hell. I thought she said Google searches. lol But it’s blog searches. Ugh.

    Is your blog an adult blog?



    Could you make sure to visit this “Missing Posts” checklist?

    Please remember that your blog name, post titles, post author names, and comment author names are not indexed.

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