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My blog's don't show up where I wnat them

  1. OK, I'm trying to post a new subject on a retiree disorganization blog but when I create something it only shows up in my blog not on the retiree blog.

    I have permission to the blog from the owner and can successfully reply or comment to other blogs but can not create a new topic....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the blog you want to post on? Why do you think it would automatically go there when you post it on your own blog? It probably has a whole different log in system from your own blog.


    This is a blog for Chrysler retirees, people post questions, I can reply to things people have posted there but cannot post a new subject

  4. The admin of that blog has to Invite you to be an Author there. You will get it in your email if he issues an email invitation, otherwise if he invites you by WordPress username, it'll just show up in your My Blogs tab. Then you compose on THAT site's dashboard.

  5. I do not have anything in the My Blogs tab other than my one. , I will check with the Admin, I thought i did get permission otherwise I would not be able to reply to other posts which I can do.

  6. Ok, Problem is now understood, the Admin had not added any users so the only thing you can do is comment on an existing blog. He has to approve these and if it is an original topic he posts it as a new subject. That confused me because i saw these posts by people that looked like they made but in reality the Admin was making the post.

    They set it up this way because of spam problems... It looks like a user with "Contributor" access would also solve that problem though.

    thanks for the help.

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