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    I had a wordpress under lunabirdsdesigns.wordpress.com. Today, I changed it to lunabirdsjewelry.wordpress.com.

    Although the change seemed successful, the “My Blogs” page still links to lunabirdsdesigns instead of the new one. But when I click on the posts I’ve made, it links properly. But again, when I edit a post I’ve made and click “View updated post” it links me back to lunabirdsdesigns.

    And just below this form when I click “Blog URL” it brings up “lunabirdsdesigns.wordpress.com (lunabirdsjewelry.wordpress.com)”.

    What’s going on? I’m not sure how to fix it. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is lunabirdsjewelry.wordpress.com.


    You probably just need to make it the primary blog. See this:




    Thank you for your reply! It is my primary blog. It just fixed itself actually, maybe WordPress just need some time to process all the changes?

    Thank you again!

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