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    Why aren’t my blogs listed in categories I have tagged? I have tagged a number of my blogs as follows: Blog, Blogging, Blogs, Business, Consumerism, Culture, Entertainment, Honesty, Internet, Media, Meditations, Morality, News, Newsvine, Social Media, Technology, Truth, Work, Writing

    Yet, when I go to look for them they are not appearing in any of those categories. I only see my blogs appearing in my Reader list. Is there some reason my blogs are being kept form being made known to everyone else?

    Check the first couple from this blog

    Check this one:

    Why are they not being presented to others in Business, News, Truth, Honesty categories so that others can see them?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Take a look at this support article about how to use tags properly in order to appear in the Reader:

    Topic Listings

    Your posts will appear in the topic listings of any tags or categories you use. Therefore, assigning tags and categories to your post increases the chance that other users will see your content.

    However, you don’t want irrelevant content showing up on the topic listings or search, and neither do we. That’s why we limit the number of tags and categories that can be used on a public tag listing. Five to 15 tags (or categories, or a combination of the two) is a good number to add to each of your posts. The more categories you use, the less likely it is that your post will be selected for inclusion in the topic listings. Learn more about Topics here.

    On one post I looked at you had 19 or 20 tags.
    I’d also say that your tags are quite general:
    consider how many of the very large wordpress blogging community use such generic topics as:

    Blog, Blogging, Blogs, Business, Consumerism, Culture, Entertainment, Honesty, Internet, Media, Meditations, Morality, News, Newsvine, Social Media, Technology, Truth, Work, Writing

    So even if you were using fewer tags (and btw “uncategorized” counts as one of your tags! The most vague term of all), you are not being specific about what each post is about.

    For example, if only 100 people write about “honesty” in an hour, your post with that tag “honesty” will be quite far back in the que of older posts on that topic.


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    Sorry, this link was not clickable:
    Learn more about Topics here.


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    You might also find this post from my fellow volunteer useful for how to increase traffic to your site:

    And the forum tag:
    (change the search term “increase-traffic” to “get-more-readers” or “get-more-views” and so on)

    or this support document:



    1tess, thanks for the info. I will read the links you provided.

    However, one other thing now. I went back to my blog but there was not any Notification that there had been any answer to my question. I on;y stumbled onto your replies because I did a Google Search on my latest blog title. Shouldn’t I have received some kind of notice in my WordPress Notification icon (top right) that someone had provided an answer?


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    You have to subscribe to this thread, in the sidebar on the top right. I never get notifications of responses from this forum unless I do that.



    Okay, 2 things,

    1. I have reduced the number of tags from 19 to 10. I didn’t add any categories yet, because I’m not how I would categorize these articles.

    2. And, about subscribing to this thread, I look at the right sidebar and see only these two related options

    – Add this topic to your favorites (?)
    – Unsubscribe from Topic

    Does the second one indicate that I am already subscribed? Because if I am, I don’t recall when I did that, and don’t know where to look for updates on my pages.

    (Hate to be asking such dumb questions, but some of this still doesn’t make much sense to me yet.)



    BTW, Thank you very much for your help 1tess!!!


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    You are welcome. If you subscribed the messages would go to the email associated with your account. Is that an email you don’t usually use? Or check the “junk” mail folder to see if they are being blocked.


    After removal of the excess categories/tags note it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying on the Topics pages in the Reader.


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    Do old posts show up again if one removes the excess tags? I don’t really use the Reader but my impression is that it shows only the latest posts and changes to tags are not retroactive. Is that right?



    1tess, I think I can answer that. I had two posts and neither showed up when I had the 19 tags. After I cut them both down to 10, they both showed-up in the Reader, and in the tag topic lists. So, I would say, from my recent experience, they do, after I fixed the excessive tagging issue.

    thistimethisspace, my two posts showed up very soon after I fixed the tagging problem.

    Thanks both for your help!

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