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My blog's suspended...

  1. The title says it all. I've read the TOS, I'm unsure where I went wrong. What can I do to unsuspend it because I can assure everybody at wordpress it wasn't intended. Thank you

  2. Please read the information provided and understand that volunteers answering forum questions cannot assist you. You must deal with staff.

    My blog has been suspended
    When you sign up for a blog here at, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms of Service (TOS). In fact, the page has a check box next to this:
    I have read and agree to the fascinating terms of service
    so there is no real excuse for not knowing what is and is not allowed.
    Blogs are suspended if they are found to be in breach of the TOS.
    We do not contact you first to ask that content be modified or removed.
    You cannot have that blog name back.
    You cannot have the blog content back.
    We take the TOS very seriously and act on every feedback we get to check out possible breaches.
    We want to be a pleasant and safe environment for all our users.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I've sent a message to the staff and I hope they respond. I've reread the TOS. I see no violation. In the interest of becoming a better blogger, I would really like to find out what violation there is. And I hope the staff believes that there are bloggers who do make "honest" mistakes.

  4. They do. They have in the past restored blogs when the blogger promises to bring the blog into line with the ToS.

    Note that I am not staff. However:

    Checking the google cached version, in my opinion it's probably that you posted entire articles from external sources. Unless you have written permission from the copyright holders to do so, this is illegal and is called blog scraping. You'll see that WordPress staff and bloggers at large regard this very negatively. If you want to continue blogging, you'll need to learn to excerpt from published works and discuss them, rather than posting them wholesale.

  5. Thanks raincoaster. I thought I was ok posting whole articles as long as I didnt pass them off as my own and included the author, publication, or source...but either way, I will wait for them to contact me and I'll correct it somehow or other. I sure hope they contact me quick though...this makes me ancy, to not be able to take care of a situation....

  6. Definitely, definitely not okay. I can see that you linked to the source and everything, but no. You'll need to learn to exerpt and refer to posts, rather than copy and paste. It has the benefit of allowing you to link to more than one blog in every post, and the more you link to, the faster your blog becomes known and gets linked to itself. Right now, nobody has a reason to link to you rather than the sources of those articles. Add original content and your own opinions and you'll have a homegrown readership soon.

    I think Support is on UK time right now, so they might be asleep. Don't worry, the backup copy of the blog isn't going anywhere for now.

  7. raincoaster or anyone who knows...will the wp staff contact me? I've sent them messages since yesterday but no response. Does it normally take a while for a response? Thank you

  8. If you sent an email to [email redacted] then you will have to wait. Staff will have support tickets and they will deal with the most urgent technical problems that require backend fixes first. Posting here will not change their priorities. Your "problem" is likely a very low priority item that they will eventually get to when they can. So, as forum volunteers cannot help you will you please mark this thread "resolved".

  9. The support staff (all one of him) is on holiday. You could wait a couple of weeks and then try again, but, unless you're particularly attached to that subdomain name, your best option is probably to start from scratch and sign up for another blog.

  10. Agreed.

  11. If the blog consisted of completely ripped material, I think a new blog is in order. No reason to keep one that has been associated with plagarism.

  12. @patque
    Agreed. And, as forum volunteers cannot help you will you please mark this thread "resolved"?

  13. Just for the record, my blog never consisted of "completely ripped material"...but I've taken the advice and started over. My blog's just a fansite that's been a labor of love. I take responsibility for whatever the violation was/is...but the lack of communication about it from the staff seems a little unfriendly and doesn't fit the "warm" wordpress environment that I've come to know. (JMO)

  14. What's the new blog url? Thanks.

  15. For the record a url does not contain "www".

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