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My blog's suspended!

  1. My blog is located at and it's gotten suspended! I've had this alert message for about a month. I contacted support, who told me it's because of the in-blog advertising stuff I was doing a few months ago. I deleted it promptly, but the alert stayed and now my blog is suspended!

    Can I at least get my blog's content so I can host it somewhere else or something?

  2. wow that sounds bad,if support ignores you then theres nothing we could do.

    btw what you advertise?

  3. You need to contact support again (during open hours!) and get them to investigate and resolve from there. There's nothing we can do in the forum.

    Riraito - Most of your responses seem to be just repeating what other people have already said or, like above are uninformative. Sorry bud, they're getting right up my nose.

  4. The blog is back - my apologies.
    It was because the warning notice was still there which was my fault - sorry.

    riraito - what Cornell said is right. It's very right, I totally agree.

  5. Thanks. :) I take it you have to contact support again once you've done cleaning up?

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