My catagories don’t even exist any more!

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    My category order simply disappeared and has never come back, thus making “categories” irrelevant. Now everything is a totally mixed up mess in ALPHABETICAL and NUMERICAL order instead of REAL order… I have A LOT of stuff on my blog site and I don’t have time to try to reorganize an entire years worth of categories. It took me almost an hour to get logged in to post this! No support (closed), supposed wrong password. I tried to get the password at least 5 times but the links never worked right until just now, and I kept getting a message that either the password was wrong or the “key” was not right…

    I NEED order back in my categories!!!! HELP!


    Did you do anything differently or change anything recently?



    I think there are some ‘issues’ . I can’t even get into my blog, and last night everything was a jumbled mess.


    Can you post the link to your blog or is the calhoununderground blog yours as well? Try emailing support at and provide the links to your blog and explain in detail what the problems are.


    Nope, changed nothing recently. I did change the “static” page from the same one coming up every time to the most current post coming up every time, but that was a while ago and things were still working right . Then I went to post something one day and everything was different. I thought maybe it was just a glitch and would be fixed soon, but it’s been a couple weeks or so. The Calhoununderground blog is the one I’m talking about. When I try to post and set up the catagories, the catagory box on the right now has all the catagories in Alphabetical order, paying no attention at all to the “parent catagories” I chose. Everything is also listed in alphabetical order on my site, making it nearly impossible to find any specific thing because it makes no sense. Much like several jigsaw puzzles mixed all together in one box…



    Yeah, subcategories got screwed up last month. They were able to restore some from backups but it may be too late for that now. You could try posting on that thread just in case. Otherwise, you’re going to have to redo them all manually.


    Well, 3 hours later, I got things back in order. GOD I hope that doesn’t happen again!!!!!!

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