My Categories are showing in the wrong location on the page

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    Can someone please advise me or correct my code? My categories are not showing in the side bar; they are above with the tags.

    Thank you for your assistance.



    That is where they show up in a blog. The categories and tags on each individual post go to the global tag pages; the ones in the sidebar are local. This is one very important source of’s googlejuice, and not really optional for blogs here. If you know CSS you can purchase the CSS upgrade and hide them, but otherwise you are stuck.

    Some themes did not display them this way until recently; staff have gone over all the themes and changes them so that they DO show.

    Please change the link on your name to your blog; that’s really the only site that’s relevant in this forum, and it saves us time if we can see it directly.



    The categories do not automatically appear in the sidebar unless you add the categories widget to the sidebar. I should be there by default, but I’m not sure all themes actually do that, so you may have to add it manually, by going to Design > Widgets and then selecting the widget you want.

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