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My 'categories' aren't showing

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie to WordPress and am having a few problems with Categories. It says that "Categories will appear on your blog once you have posted something in them. Empty categories remain invisible." But my categories aren't showing up on the front page of my blog, and I have entries in them. I'm using the FAUNA template.

    I'm also not getting a calendar or archives as some of the other templates have! :(

    Also, if I wanted to use a template which I've downloaded from elsewhere, do I need to pay to upgrade before others can see it?? Or can I modify the CSS?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. The Fauna theme only displays Links and the Login link if I recall correctly. Most themes have building blocks called widgets that will allow you to customize your sidebar but it appears that Fauna doesn't support these either.

    Hmm, well that's kind of mucked up. (Can't believe that widgets aren't in there with pretty much nothing in the sidebar like that.)

    Best bet would be to change themes.

    Not sure what you mean by a template but the themes are uneditable outside of the widgets on the sidebar or teh CSS upgrade. (we're on a shared enviroment. If you were able to chaneg the theme, you would be changing it for everybody and teh same if they did the same thing.)

  3. fauna needs updating soooo badly.
    joen's running SVN on google code now, but it's a pain waiting the last little bit for them to update with

    -checkboxes for including standard sidebar elements

    yeah. sooooo needs to happen soon.

  4. Another WP newbie here... I have the same problem, and I've tried different themes, including the default WP theme. I've notched up a fair few posts, all tagged with different categories, but nothing is showing up as posting in any of those categories.

    What should I be doing?

  5. @pipistrelle
    As yours is a protected blog no on eher on the forum can see it and therefore cannot see what the problem is. If and only if you have dragged and droped your category widget into your sidebar then the categories you have created will be visible to you.

    -> dashboard - presentation -> sidebar widgets -> drop and drag from available widgets into sidebar in the position you choose - click save changes

    all sidebar data is cached it takes a few minutes to show up -> view your blog and a list of your categories will be in your sidebar hoever, if it does not appear send in a feedback

  6. Thanks, if I could work out how to un-protect it, I would, at least temporarily, but I've just tried, and I can't see how to. I've only been a member for a couple of days and I'm still trying to find my way about.

    I have indeed got the Categories module showing on my pages. I have created several categories & sub-categories. But these do not show in the Categories module in my sidebar. It tells me that there are no categories. I understand that this would normally be because there are no posts within those categories. However, I have made several posts using all the categories I have created. The posts show up, with tags reflecting the categories, and I am able to search using the tags. But it's as though the categories module itself isn't reading the posts that I've loaded.

  7. Best bet would be to send in a feedback and ask staff about it since we can't access your blog.

  8. I now suspect the category module doesn't read your private posts!

    I posted an open post, and it brought up the "Uncategorised" category. So I edited that post to add every category I've created so far, and it's showing up fine. While it's not an elegant solution, it'll do.

  9. Not that I mind so much, but Pipistrelle, you stole the limelight of my thread! :-)

    Thanks DrMike for letting me know re Fauna's "inflexibilities". I agree with SunburntKame though - is there anything we can do to get the new fauna updates up? I've visited the webpages of the makers, and they've got some really beautiful versions (eg. fauna live and fauna darkfrost etc) and I would love to use them.

    Thanks also for letting me know re widgets and what they do! I'm sure if I change themes and and start using them, I'll need heaps of help! So I'm glad to know there's someone here to help! Thanks DrMike, you're a blog-saver! ;-)

  10. se7enchild: all themes allow comments in posts. you have to make sure you tick it when you typed your post in the editor. at the sidebar of the editor thr is a box labelled discussion, click on it and edit accordingly.

    when you insert a text widget into your sidebar, you have to click on the icon on the right side of it, which a box will pop up for you to insert your text.

    an advice, read the faq. and another, just tinkle with your blog. you'll be amazed how much you can learn by yourself. that's how i learnt to do things with my blog. and one more, search the past forum threads - most of the time it can answer your questions. =)

  11. Thanks heaps Sulz!

  12. no probs. =)

  13. I am trying to achieve a clean look. Is there a way to designate categories so they are searchable, but not have them show anywhere? I took them off my sidebar, but they show up en-mass after my blog title. Any way to get rid of them there?

    No you cannot remove the global category tags from your posts. If you assign categories to your posts they will appear and will be searchable but, without them -- well, what's to search?

    If you don't use categories on your posts then they won't appear. You can also open the categories widget by clicking on the blue and white icon on the right hand corner and configure it to work as a drop-down. Doing this will free up sidebar space.

    Also note that the ToS makes it clear that blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites. Section 2, 5th bullet.

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