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    My categories are disappearing on my “write screen”. What is happening? How do I get them back?

    when I go into “categories”, they still show up there, but I can’t sort my posts.



    Yep, we know about this one too. Working on fix now.



    I have noticed a few flutters in Word Press tonight…the comments aren’t counting within the individual posts and the categories aren’t showing up in the entries. PLUS on the sidebar the recent posts aren’t showing up by title…but I am sure you already know! :)


    Also noted that there’s a [EDIT} button on top of my widget list. It just popped from nowhere.


    I too have my categories missing. This is quite distressing. I read the stuff on the new tag system which I don’t understand either. Are they related. I feel like something just got stolen from me.



    I’m not sure what happened, but hope it’s fixed soon. It’s very disorienting, and probably will affect how things are indexed by search engines. (tags all gone!)


    Same here. I cannot add any post to a category on the right column of the Post editing page. And the look of the site is completely wrong: no titles showing and the style of the text is completely different.



    same same. very perplexing. my post for a couple of days back just upped and gone. editting it or creating new categories doesn’t register.



    Same problem. Same feeling of standing on quicksand. Help ;)



    Fixed. We are working on some new code and apparently it had a few bugs :)



    Lordy, lordy but isn’t there a panic streak in us all. :P
    Some of us were really close to losing our perspective on the relative importance of a blog to real life. LOL
    Thank goodness wordpress has staff like Barry,who are always at the ready and, that there are back-ups to use, if needs be. :)


    Indeed it is. thanks. roger, over and out.


    Member rapid was that fix? -is impressed-

    it’s funny b/c I was (for the first time ever) messing about with the css preview thingy and then when I came back, the categories had disappeared. here I was thinking i’d destroyed the world! ;p



    TT: what is this “real life” of which you speak?

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