My category list keeps changing to a drop down

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    My Category list keeps changing to a drop down. I find this very annoying. I have it set fine for a few days or week and then come back and it is in a drop down again? Why? can any one offer some help? Thanks



    I can’t offer any help, just a little more information in case anyone is looking into this.

    I have two WordPress blogs, and about a month ago both suddenly went from a static list to a drop down list, titled “a”. I switched them back (Design > Widgets), then today they did the same thing. There’s a whole thread on this at where the first time it happened was late October, then others got it again today. It appears to be a system-wide thing. I manually changed mine back… I just hope they hold.



    Yes, this is the same problem that occured a month or so ago. I use Andreas09 template and keep my Category list as a list – no drop down. Since yesterday, Categories have displayed as a drop down with the “a” that others have reported on both occasions. If I reset, it doesn’t stick. Given the upgrade to WordPress 2.7 takes place today and tomorrow, I thought it best to wait until the changes have been implemented before raising an admin ticket in the hope that this problem will resolve with the upgrade.



    We are having the same issue and it is very annoying to have to deal with this every couple of months.



    I had this issue yesterday but it seems to be okay now. When it’s a system thing like this it doesn’t hurt to contact support directly to make sure they know about it, I don’t think they check the forum here regularly…

    Anyhow, I heard from support yesterday that it was resolved and it’s working for me again.



    Oops, looks like there was a thread, already. @gretak Glad to here its sorted for you, but not resolved for me yet.

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