My color images appear faded when I want to add a new post. Help, please!

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    I have a proble. All of a sudden when I want to put an image into my blog, the color fades. I need help. It’s driving me batty and it has caused me not to update my blog:
    I use iPhoto to edit, save and export my images.

    Thank you in advance.


    Felicia, This Time in Seoul

    The blog I need help with is



    What do you mean “fades”?

    I also had a problem with posting images with wordpress appearing not crisp and sometimes off color when comparing to the actual original image.
    Someone else suggested removing the the size definitions in HTML(just post your images like you normally would, uploading it to wordpress and inserting them into your post, then switch over to HTML view (top right TAB) and remove the size definitions altogether) and it does work.

    Or you should insert the images from some other hosting space.
    On the following post you can see what my problem was:

    Hope this helped!


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    Note that if you remove the height and width from the code, the image will appear at its full size. If you do this, then upload the image at a size that will fit into your theme.

    Some people like to have an image in a post clickable to view a larger image. In that case upload a second full-sized picture. When you insert the smaller image into a post, use the URL of the larger one in the “Link URL” line on the insert picture pop-up.



    Yeah I mean considering the image is sized accordingly to fit the theme. In my case, I always scale, crop and size the images to fit exactly, that way I don’t have any problems images being stretched, resized etc.


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    Right, I mentioned that only because someone reading this thread may not be familiar with the post you are referring to. Just wanted to clarify for those who want to show images larger than their themes allow.

    (I can’t find the post you are talking about, but it was probably Panos, within the last week)



    Well, so do I have to play with the code after uploading a pic to the post? That makes using WP worse. Besides, how do I know exactly the width of the theme – it’s not mentioned anywhere, as far as I know.


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