My color palette doesn't show (bushwick)

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    Hello! How are you all doing?
    I needed help and saw some of the topics related, couldn’t find my exact problem, so I’m writing here, hope it isn’t wrong since is my first time using the forum.

    I’m a free user, installed the theme Bushwick because it fits my taste to a good portfolio (I’m an illustrator).
    When I go to “Colors and Background” in the configuration of the theme, and try to change my color palette, the only thing showing to me is a blue colored circle. I click on it, nothing happens, I can’t change a thing color related.

    I used some other themes and all of then worked perfectly. I think maybe it’s a problem within my account, I don’t know.

    I would apreciate some help. Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

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