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    How can I delete threads from the relatively new “My Comments” page. It is really disturbing to me, that I have to have idiotic or insulting remarks on my own blog, even if nobody else sees them. HELP!



    You mean the My Comments section of your dashboard, next to the blog surfer? I don’t think you can disable that, but nobody else sees those comments but you so you can just ignore them.

    If you mean comments that have been posted on your blog, you should be able to see them all by going to Dashboard > Comments and you can delete the ones you want. It might be worth having some kind of a comment disclaimer on your blog, though, saying on what conditions you’ll delete them. That way no-one could accuse you of censorship or something like that, if they were annoyed.



    No, I did mean the first–the My Comments on the dashboard. I know nobody can see them, but I don’t want to see some of them either. I guess I can’t delete them.



    There are two locations for “Comments”. The first is in the admin section of your blog here
    These are comments made in response to posts in your own blog [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] and you can do as you choose with them.

    The second location is “My Comments” which cjwriter has referred to above. In this case it’s important to understand that the comments you make on another blogger’s blog are in their possession and not yours. The receiving blogger has the same choices as I posted in the paragraph above. You cannot delete the comments you make on another blogger’s blog. And you cannot disable this “My Comments” feature.
    HTH :)



    Well, I am wondering how I can see comments that I left on someone else’s blog, but that are no longer displayed on my Dashboard, in the MY COMMENTS section. Is there a time limit beyond which the comments are scrolled off, and the only way to see them again is to find the blog where I posted them (which I have forgotten), or am I not seeing them because the owner of that blog deleted them?



    the ‘my comments’ feature will only show the latest comments you made, so older ones would be pushed off by your later ones. however, if the post receives a new comment, it will appear again at the top. if you made a comment only just and you don’t see it, it’s probably because the blogger has moderated your comment and hasn’t approve it yet.

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