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    When I click on “My Comments” on my dashboard, I can only see a limited number of the comments I left on other people’s blogs. How can I see more of the past comments I’ve made? There’s no ‘next page’ type of thing that I can click.



    That’s just how that feature works. Often the comments that appear seem very random. Right now all of mine are from 7 -12 months ago.



    I’d also would like to have control over the number of comments listed.



    how do you delete old comments?



    You can’t, if they are on the blogs of other people.


    It would be nice if wordpress would somehow adjust this function so that we could adjust the number of comments we can view. I lose track of which sites I left comments on, and after its gone from My Comments I can’t find them any more.

    It seems like the comments are ranked, not according only to when you made a comment, but when the last person left a comment on that same post. So even if you havent commented for a long time, if someone else comments, it will come up again.



    Cocomment.com is a service I’ve heard of that will track ALL of your comments, no matter what platform. You might want to check that out instead.


    I tried to do cocomment, but I’m pretty sure it’s a plug-in. Couldn’t get it to work on WordPress.com. But my understanding is that the comments feature shows most recent comments before and after one you left. It only shows that. If it shows stuff from months ago, then my guess is that no one else has responded to whatever comment you’ve made as of recent; and someone recently commented on the thread of the older one which you commented.



    cocomment is a site that tracks your comments; you create an account there, there’s no plug-in involved.


    Thanks Sulz. I must’ve been retarded on the day that I tried. :lol:



    single-tracked mind perhaps, not retarded certainly. :)



    Seems a reasonable request, to be able to retrieve comment other than the few most recent ones; or, better, to dictate the parameters of your “morgue” of comments; to name how far back you want them listed, and from which blogs. I’m really surprised that WordPress hasn’t grown up in this way, and has instead let this signal vulnerabilty to entice its competitors to do new tricks that bloggers clearly want and seem to have come to expect.


    I don’t quite understand how cocomment works… can you track all of the comments you have made with your wordpress account (i.e. on other wordpress blogs), or do you have to enter the URL’s of sites that you have commented on?

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