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    I notice, and appreciate the new (or new to me) feature that allows the user to easily observe the comments they have made around wordpress, and the replies made.

    this is a great tool, because sometimes i forgot all the sites ive been to and commented on, and sometimes would like to go back…

    my question is, how far back can this history be traced? by the looks of it, my history only goes back three days, and there doesn’t appear to be an option to go further back. am i missing something or is that the limit? (the launch of the new wp dash)



    It’ll go as far back as the oldest comment that still has commenting activity on it. Someone else asked about that today. Gonna give link to that thread, as it goes into more detail.



    thanks diamond, much obliged ^_^


    I guess it’s a common thought today, douglaskev :)



    the my comments feature was there in the previous dashboard
    but was over looked by many including my self.

    but yes it’s a very nice feature to have. :-)


    I check(ed) mine all the time!



    me too, I leave so many comments places that it would be stupid of me to continue visiting the blogs to see if someone said something, so instead I just check the my comments section and Im set to go…um…coment some more.


    Yeah, some comments I forgot that I’d left. Like yesterday, I saw my comment for last year’s announcement about snow, on our blogs; cuz someone recently commented on that thread.

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