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My Comments and pagination

  1. The My Comments functionality is very cool. However, it only seems to track a limited number of my recent comments. For example, I commented on a blog about 2-3 weeks ago, but that one no longer shows up in My Comments (which sux b/c the author commented back to me and I want to reply, but I don't know the name of the blog, and can't find it in Google.) Is there any way to access *all of* My Comments, any plan for pagination on the My Comments page?

  2. Two links in your dashboard. One called "my comments", one called "comments" - in the last one you should see all your own comments - however many pages there are.

  3. Thanks for your quick response, boblets! However, the "Comments" link in the dashboard only shows comments posted on my own blog. I'm trying to find a comment that I left on another WP blog.

    Is there any way to access "My Comments" beyond one page?

  4. Yeah I am interested in this too.

    1) If the comments I am following are chunky, then there aren't that many entries that I can see.
    2) I would like to go back in time occasionally. I have a thought about a blog I commented on and want to follow it up (with more comments, or a blog post of my own), but as it isn't on the 1st page it is lost to me.

    Please add "next page" type functionality... please...


  5. Use Cocomment, which is a free service. It'll track everything, even off

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