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my comments are being edited to bad words

  1. @Cornel,

    Take this hypothetical situation:

    I go to your blog and leave you comments on every post, calling you names and generally bad-mouthing you and your family.

    Would you not want to be able to edit or delete the bad comments?

    Yes, I want to be able to delete them, of course! And then I would activate comment moderation! But why would I want to edit them?

  2. Some people have language standards on their blogs, because kids read them. Some people just object to certain words, so they blank those out or use --- or euphemisms. There could be lots of reasons to want to edit things, not the least of which is legal worries. Fortunately, the US Supreme Court recently ruled that blog owners are not responsible for libelous comments made by other people in their comments section.

    They are, of course, still liable for comments they made themselves.

  3. as i know that there is none bad in this dont think negatively just think positively and take him positively

  4. I don't get how this will help me?

  5. It's the idea of Karma. If you live a good life, good things will come to you. Because he's doing bad things, bad things will happen to him. Also, a positive outlook will just be easier for you to live with; stewing about what someone else has done in the past is bound to make you even more upset.

  6. The point is i alredy am UPSET

  7. Afraid there's really nothing that we can do.

  8. Oh i though you could maybe delete those comments due to the terms of service or something? Or there must be someway of payback?

  9. There is nothing that can be done.
    There is no form of payback.
    Adults cannot help you.
    Get on with your life.
    Make new friends.

  10. As drmike said, there is nothing we can do if what the user is doing is on their own blog and are not breaking any terms of service.


  11. I'm Going to check if it is

  12. dragonflyer - contacting Support on this will not get action.

    Take all the advice you are being given.

  13. Ok, I will try

  14. What i am worried about is the bad language of insulting me

  15. :~

  16. Mark has spoke on this matter and once again there is nothing we can do on this. Topic closed.

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