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My Comments are Blocked by Akismet

  1. I have a problem with a Askimet spam filters; whenever I post a comment on a friends blog, or even my blog my comments get blocked by Akismet. I'm no spammer, and I haven't done anything wrong, is there any solution to this? Is there a way to be unblocked?

    I was somewhat confused by this, as its not often I ever comment on other people blogs and when I do it's normally just on a friends or my own (replying to another comment), hence my frustration when I found I can no longer post these comments. If anyone could assist me in resolving this it would be great, I don't understand why my comments were marked as spam but I suppose these errors do happen occasionally with so much spam around the net.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  2. Keep having your friends de-spam you so that Akismet will learn.

    Alternately, you can send the details into Akismet support although from recent reports, they are slow to respond.

  3. "Nice site, do you have an RSS feed? Thanks"

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    If your given name is what you put in the Name area of a comment form then you must have had a very hard time at school.

    And the second coment above - guess where the post links lead....

  4. Hmm, I did not post these comments however I did recently purchase an SEO Service that was supposibly meant to increase my backlinks, perhaps they just left spam comments to do this? I paid for this on DigitalPoint forums, it was supposed to get me some quality backlinks on some sites, is leaving spam comments a service that people use? If that's the case I will be in contact with the seller.

    As for the top comment, this is one I left, I did this on my own blog to test whether I was blocked by Akismet or not.

    I realize this may look as if I'm a spammer, but I can assure you its not the case.

  5. "I did not post these comments however I did recently purchase an SEO Service that was supposibly meant to increase my backlinks, perhaps they just left spam comments to do this?"

    And how else can they do this except by spamming others? And if you did not post them then you ARE spamming.

    The very simple fact is this: Akismet marks people as spammers because bloggers tell Akismet that the person is spamming them. So enough people and Akismet learns that people really don't want the spam so it blocks it.
    So where is the sense in the unblocking a spammer simply because they ask? That completely undermines Akismet and will annoy people when they get even more junk.

    It doesn't matter where you buy this spamming service, it's still spam and peope don't want it.

    From where I am, you and your url are spamming.

  6. Okay, I respect your decision but I personally find it a little unfair, I purchased an SEO Service which was supposed to help with my link count, I was unaware that it would be blog commenting, and now I get banned from commenting on other blogs when it wasn't even me. Check the IP addresses.

  7. Do you mean that your problem is with the SEO service which is spamming? Then withdraw from it.

  8. By the way, it's a useless service: those are No Follow links and do not count in your backlinks.

  9. @freemoolah, it was a service which you purchased, so it IS you.

    It doesn't matter that it is not your IP address. You paid for the service, the service spammed, therefore, you spammed.

  10. You might think about changing your name as well. I hear ViagraCialis is having the same kind of difficulty.

  11. Well no, I assumed by SEO service they meant Directory submissions, article creation etc, (not blog spamming). I apologize to those that have been spammed by my links, I just find it a little unfortunate that I have to pay the price, by no longer being able to comment on my friends' blogs when it wasn't my intention to indirectly spam people.
    I guess it's not that bigger deal, I can just contact them in person, so thanks for the help anyway, and I am sorry if I have offended some people by appearing to be a spammer.

  12. Once last thing; raincoaster you mentioned that I might want to change my name as well; how do I go about doing this? I agree with you; my user name sound a little 'spammy' because originally I had a blog here on WordPress on Making Money Online, I have since moved onto bigger things, but my user is still assigned to all of my other sites, and it sounds a little irrelevant.

  13. You can change the displayed name on your blog and in comments on other blogs by going to your Profile, adding a Nickname, hitting Save Changes (or Update, whichever one it says nowadays) and then going back to the same page and selecting that nickname from the drop-down menu beside "displayed name" where it will now be an option. Then save changes again. It's a two-step process, one to input the nickname as an option, one to select it.

    Your name will remain the same here in the forum, just to make things easier on staff and volunteers. The only way to totally change is to register a new account and transfer your blogs to that account. It will need a new email address, different from your existing one.

  14. And once you get off that SEO service's list, you should contact your friends and get them to de-spam you or contact Akismet directly and do the same. Until then, there's no point.

  15. Ah okay, thanks very much for your help. How hard is it to get off Akismet's spam list? Thanks

  16. Not hard if you're not spamming. And you can explain you didn't know the service would do that.

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