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    Well, It happens since last Saturday. I can’t even leave a commanet to my friends’ blogs, or even mine. Because Akismet have stated my email as SPAM. But, for God’s sake, I’m NOT a Spammer.

    Can you guys from Automattic help this such of a newbie ? :)



    you have to fish all your comments out from akismet so that it will learn you’re not spam. should the problem persist long after your attempts to ‘teach’ it, you could contact support and get help. click on the support link above (next to features).



    Well, this is not the first case. I have been hit by it, a couple of times.

    Becaus of that…



    It wasn’t your email – but it’s fixed. Sorry!



    Ah, thanks.

    I’ve made a redirect link to Matt’s Blog, then. :)

    Again, thanks. :)



    My comments are being caught by Akismet, even on my own blog! I have de spammed them on my own blog, but it’s still occuring.

    Does anyone know how many ‘de-spams’ it takes to reverse it?

    EDIT: Bugger, didn’t realise this was marked as ‘recsolved’.



    I have the same problem. All my comments its block and i cant take it away…help!



    jerbaz – you should be okay now?



    I am having the same problem, from one or two different people. I’ve de-spammed at least five different comments from one person, but still her comments go to Akismet. How many times does it take to stop this from happening?



    I’m not sure exactly how long it takes, it varies; it can be complicated by the same poster having different IP addresses, so in effect you’re actually despamming them several times. But it is supposed to learn, so if it’s ongoing thing and just doesn’t seem to improve, you can contact staff to see if they can help.



    I am having the same problem as everyone else, but now NONE of my comments are coming through for me to even have the opportunity to de-spam them. All it says is that it must be my lucky day….lucky nothing, man. Please scpe out my blog and let me know what I can do or at least make it so that I have say in de-spamming what I want. Hold every email in the queue and let me mark it as spam or not.



    i’m bored, i don’t think i’ve ever marked any of my commenter as spam.but akismet overdid this, I cannot see 10 comments on my blogs from the first time i started this blog. plz, anyone help me, i want to see the comments and de-spammed or deactivate akismet coz for the time being, i dont think i need akismet.i’m writing malays blog. thanx in advance 4 any help


    Akismet cannot be turned off on blogs. By design, Akismet will delete any comments it catches or believes to be spam after 15 days, unless you go in and “despam” them before that point. Once they are gone, they are gone.

    In general, you should check your akismet spam filter in your dashboard > comments > akismet spam every day or two so that legitimate comments can be identified and despammed.

    Here are some additional general points worth knowing:

    1) If multiple identical spam comments are sent to your blog, the duplicates will not show up in my spam list for you to review.

    2) After you have verified that the above spam is indeed spam by deleting it and Akismet has learned, if you again get hit by the same source, your “spams caught” number will increase, but they will not be listed for you to review (since you have already identified them as spam).

    3) Any comment sent to you blog, that is already known by Akismet to be spam, will be blocked, your “spams caught” number will increase, but again, they will not be listed for you to review (since they have been previously identified as spam by yourself or others).

    4) If a legitimate comment is caught in your spam filter and you “despam” it, it may take up to a few days for your despaming to work its way through Akismet and if you get a comment from the same source in the meantime, it may still end up in the spam folder. If this happens, despam it again. Akismet will is a short period stop catching them.





    You’re welcome and happy blogging.



    hey, it happen to me too. please help me! oooh, it’s so annoying…. :P



    I can’t even leave a commanet to other blogs, please help me




    We need details in order to help. Vagueness simply means we can do nothing but speculate.

    “I can’t even leave a comment to other blogs”

    (1) What is the url for your blog?

    (2) Are you signed in to when you try to leave these comments?

    (3) Are you referring to being unable to leave comments on blogs or on blogs on other web hosts?

    (4) If your are referring to leaving comments on blogs while being signed into then have you contacted the bloggers who have the blogs that you left comments on? And have you asked them to fish your comments out of the Akismet spam filter and de-spam them?



    They ate my comments to!



    kabutorider – you should be okay now, but if not, head over to and send in a support from there?

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