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My Comments Are Filtered as SPAM

  1. Hello;

    Even when I'm logged-on on my friends' blogs using WordPress, my comments are being filtered as SPAMs by Akismet -- even after they un-spam me; however, it doesn't do that when I comment on my own blog.

    Any advice?

  2. when you're logged in to your own blog, your comments aren't run past akismet (spam bots haven't figured out how to log in yet).

    if legit comments are being marked as spam, staff is requesting that you send an email about the comment to support @ this domain.

  3. If they mark you as not-spam, it usually takes two days for the system to learn.

  4. I've been experiencing this at least for a month, and my friends' blogs are hosted on their own domains.

    Should I still report it?

  5. can't hurt :)

  6. I have been logged into my as the Admin and had my comments caught by Akismet as Spam.

    Send in Feedback to let the pros know what's happening and they can fix it for you as they did for me.

    I have one regular commenter who gets caught by Akismet every single day for no apparent reason and I believe he reported that today because just what triggers Akismet catching my commenter is neither predictable nor regular, though it does happen daily.

  7. Make sure that you specifially point at the comments that are getting tagged so they can see what the issue is.

  8. Thanks, guys! :)

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