My comments are spam

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    Since Christmas I’ve been unable to leave comments. It goes to the spam boxes, but not everybody is checking it. Please, it is very frustrating! I did contact Akismet, but have not heard from them at all.



    There is nothing or staff can do in the forums! You need to contact Akismet staff through their website! That and tell everyone that you comment on their blogs to mark your comments as “not spam” so Akismet will learn, but there is nothing we can do to help you in the forums here! Sorry!




    Did all that! Just thought there was something else I could do. So I suppose its just the waiting game.


    Sounds like a catch-22: unless you have their email or another way of contacting them other than commenting, you can’t inform them of the comments-to-spam problem because the comment goes straight to spam! How frustrating for you.

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