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My comments aren't appearing

  1. @thesacredpath
    thanks...I made the change and it still produced the same results. I also changed some discussion options, and no change. I've put a support ticket in.

  2. My comments are neither in the spam queue, nor are they anywhere else. They just Disappear and it annoys me to find out that a whole essay length comment I typed perishes with a click and I can't recover it.

  3. Sigh... I am still apparently spam, despite no longer being considered spam on my own blog - when I try to leave comments on other people's blogs, they don't appear.

  4. Dashboard -> Comments -> Akismet Spam

    Go to your Akismet spam filter and open it. Then mark your comments "not spam". After doing this several times Akismet will learn your comments are not spam. Get your friends to do the same with your comments on their blogs.

    Tip 1: Never ever mark a comment you do not agree with as spam just delete it if you do not wish to post it.

    Tip2: Either post a link to your blog when you post to the forum or link your username to your blog

  5. Thanks.

  6. You're welcome. Happy blogging. :)

    P.S. You linked your blog to your username - cool. And your blog looks cool too. :)

  7. Thanks again!

    Especially for telling me how to link it in the first place! :)

  8. You're most welcome. As you are new to wordpress, I believe the information at the links found in this Beginner's Guide may be useful to you
    Cheers :)

  9. That's awesome! Thanks!

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