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Why isn't My Comments displaying new comments?

  1. mayarosasweblog

    Hi there,
    I already asked a couple of times for help but it seems, that nobody answers. The function "my comments" doesn't work. Meanwhile since about three weeks. Only from time to time I see my comments on "my comments". But most of the time I can't follow my comments, whether it is on my own blog or on the blogs of others:
    Two actual links.
    This post-comments are appearing:
    Those don't:
    Thanks for help
    Blog url:

  2. Which specific comments are you referring to? Can you send me direct link to the comments in question? You can find the direct link by clicking on the comment's date.

    Note that you have to be logged in to your account while commenting for the comments to show up under My Comments in the Dashboard.

  3. mayarosasweblog

    I replied yesterday morning already per E-Mail. Don't unterstand, whether you got the answer or why it doesn't appear here. So again. This is the third or forth time, I send you the links.
    All of the comments on the post above appear on a certain time or don't - as I wrote.
    Means: None of the comments appears on "my comments" or "follow my comments" with a bunch of post in my as in foreign blogs.
    Here you got some examples on foreign blogs:
    Comments aren't (or havent been) followed from the WordPress-Software on this posts:
    The function worked on this post:

    What happens with the E-Mails I sent to you (July28, July22, July21)?

    Thanks for helping.

  4. mayarosasweblog

    and: Yes, I am logged in. Yes, I've been using the function since about one year. But since about two or three weeks it doesn't work (as I told in E-Mails, I don't know where they are reaching to. Adress was: [email redacted]). thanks.

  5. mayarosasweblog

    Here are two other quite actual links, where the comments don't appear on "my comments":

  6. Typically, you don't actually see anything until someone replies to you. It's more for discussion tracking, and less for just comment tracking.

  7. mayarosasweblog

    Hi macmanx,
    maybe my English is so bad, that nobody can unterstand me. I don't talk about the post. I talk about the discussion below the post, I can't see anymore. Before I could. Please look at the links. There you can see a bunch of comments below the post.

  8. Sorry, I think you're right. To clarify, is this the link to the page where you expected to see comments but they are not appearing?

    I also looked at these two posts that you mentioned earlier:

    This post-comments are appearing:
    Those don't:

    I can see comments from your on both posts there. Here are two examples:

  9. mayarosasweblog

    "To clarify, is this the link to the page where you expected to see comments but they are not appearing?"
    Exactly. They don't appear on my dashboard.
    Before, I could easy follow discussions with "my comments", because I realized, when somebody answered. Now these comments/answers don't appear anymore. So I would have to click on every Post I left a comment to look whether somebody has answered. This is just not managable, because of the time I would need...

  10. It looks like that page is a bit broken, and one of my co-workers is noticing a similar problem with his own.

    We'll look into this.

  11. mayarosasweblog

    Did you find some solution yet to fix it?

  12. Sorry for the delay, we're still looking into the problem.

  13. mayarosasweblog

    Still nothing found?
    Here are some actual examples:
    On this Blogposts I can follow the comments:
    On this Blogposts it doesn't work:
    And on my Blog there is reporting a Wolfram, that he has got the same problem:

  14. It's on the list of things that we're looking into, but we might actually overhaul the system instead.

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