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"My" Comments recent feature

  1. This is about the relatively new feature, receiving responses to comments we make and other people's comments. I don't understand how it works. Different ones appear and disappear all the time, and not necessarily in chronological order; in fact I can't see the rhyme or reason of why some appear and others don't. Whatever it is, I don't want to have to go thru these threads over and over, particularly long posts by other people about stuff I'm no longer interested in, if I ever was. I tend to make short quickie comments, and now I'm subjected to long ongoing debates among people, including insults. It's toxic. Is there any way I can delete what I don't want?

  2. I just simply never look at that page. Your most recent comments on blogs always appear on the dashboard front page anyway.

  3. you could always make more comments in to push away those comment threads you don't want to be updated of anymore i guess..

  4. Raincoaster, I look at the page to see the replies to my posts, some of which I AM interested in. By "appear on the dashboard" I guess you mean the list, which we always had? I guess I'll look there then.

    Sulz, I get the feeling you are speaking tongue-in-cheek...or in those great pastel colored lips!

  5. no cheek meant in my post. =) that's really the only way i know how to get rid of old comment threads in 'my comments' in dashboard.

    wish my lips look as good as this, lol.

  6. I thought you were being funny, encouraging more commenting. But seriously--as I said, they show up with little rhyme or reason as to order. The system does not seem to be chronological.

  7. it is chronological; they update according to the time of the latest comment. so if you commented on one post 3 years ago and a spammer leaves a spam comment, you'll get to read it first thing in your dashboard, heh.

    commenting is good, though. that's why i love; there is a real community spirit here.

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