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    The “My Comments” tab from the dashboard is the beginning of a good idea; however, it is lacking some critical control needed to make it truly useful.

    First, it only lists a small number of threads. Typically, if I am offline for more than 24 hours, it is likely that some threads which were active will scroll off the page. This makes it frustrating to follow threads and encourages me to limit my commenting on others’ blogs. I am afraid to enter a casual conversation if it increases my risk of missing a response in an important thread.

    Second, there is no ability to remove the tracking for a thread. If I comment on a thread, thinking it might be a point of valid discourse, and then later find it is a time waste, or offensive, there is no way to stop it from repeatedly popping up in my tracking. This has become an issue since I commented in a few of the “Things White People Like” threads. These threads now have 500+ comments in them. They have degraded to Facebook-level inanity. Some of the comments are several pages long. I would rather not see these threads anymore.

    What is the likelihood that these changes could be implemented? I have found myself going to third parties to attempt to avoid these pains.



    I bookmark important threads in a file I have named “Ad Hoc” in Googles toolbar. It works and it is easier than subscribing to a feed. The bookmark deletes in a click.

    Just click the blue/yellow – blue/white star when you have the toolbar installed – if you want it that is: http://toolbar.google.com/T4/index.html

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