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My comments (the ones I make to other blogs)

  1. I am still new to this so sorry if it's obvious...

    On the "My comments" tab (Click dashboard ---> then click "my comments") it shows a list of comments you have made on other blogs & the responses that other users make on their blog... My question is.... if you make several comments, do the first ones disapear from that window and you are unable to see a reply (even if they decide to reply on a later date)... I seem to be unable to keep hold of the earlier comments I made & the only way to do so would be to not make any newer comments... Would it be possible maybe to hold on to all the comments you have made (or is there a button that does this & I just cant see it?)

    Anyway if it's not a feature already embeded, should I go and send a feedback to wordpress or should I post a suggestion in the ideas thread?

    Sorry again if it's obvious :x

  2. i think it only shows the latest 10 comments you've made, so if the post you commented does not receive a new comment, it will not appear at the top of 'my comments' if you've made more recent comments in other posts.

  3. Fair enough sulz... I was hoping there was a button to be able to see more than your last 10 comments & I wasn't able to see it...Thanks again

  4. no other options in that feature that i know of... you could make that suggestion to support. :)

  5. Hehe I think I will.... Thanks Sulz! Oh just before I close this thread... do I have to wait for support to be open to send them an email, or is there a wordpress email address that I can send them a message to?

  6. best to wait for support to be open... i don't know if they will reply but staff said they read all mails sent to them. :)

  7. Awesome. They are getting an email Monday morning haha.

    Thanks again!

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