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My comments to other wordpress blogs are being tagged as spam.

  1. I've sent three requests for support to askimet with no response.

    My comments to other bloggers are going into spam. I've contacted askimet three times, completed the request form three times.

    I'd like a resolution to the issue. The problem started on Friday 1/26/2013, for unknown reason - after sending out 3 awards about 40+ comments I find out they are going into spam.

    Please help me. Thanks. Mary

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - what do you mean "after sending out 3 awards"?

  3. Hi, not just when sending out notices to the blogs that I've nominated, but all my comments that I post directly on other wordpress blogs. I received a note from askimet this am and they say it's been fixed. I'm going to test it out and see if that's true and will let you know.

    Thanks for following up. Mary

  4. Okay - seems to be working as they wrote. So thank you for getting back to me and hope that's the last of spam?!

  5. Note that Spam detection, in part, is based on frequency of items sent as well as content. If you're sending a lot and do it often, you increase your chances of be flagged as Spam.

  6. These last two posts of yours here have not been marked as spam, so it looks like you're good for now. :-)

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