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My comments to spam

  1. Throughout the last few days, all the comments I write in other peoples blogs are directly going to their spam. Can you please help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It seems that spam triggers have been elevated in the past few days.

    Did you contact the author of the site where you left comments and ask them to fish you out of the spam filter? That will help Akismet learn.

    Otherwise and enter "caught as spam" in the search field

  3. I'm running a private blog, and one by one all members are getting their comments marked as spam.

    This sounds very similar to what is described here.

  4. Thanks Jennifer.

    Unfortunately I cannot message anyone as it is all being delivered to their spam! Until last week, I didn't even realise there is a spam inbox, so imagine many others are the same. I have messaged via the address you provide.

  5. @clivex Please go to the site I linked to above and enter "my site readers are being marked as spam" in the search box and let Akismet know.

    @catjms-I do apologize for the trouble you're having. Staff have confirmed that they are working with Akismet to find out the best way to work through the upswing in spam we're having at the moment. I know from experience that it's no fun being the fish caught in the net.

  6. Thank you, I appreciate your concern

    I had an email from someone at Akismet who says he has no idea why I am having this problem!

    I have completed a form he sent

  7. Please also follow this thread as staff have indicated that they will post updates about the problem there.

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