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My computer is blocked!!

  1. I was working on my "widgets" when i thought I should upload an mp3 file into the Box..file.. thing. I didn't know what a big mistake that would be until too late, when i got locked out of wordpress and had to go through Bebo Proxy to access both my blog and the website. I have deleted the file i tried to upload. But still couldn't get into neither wordpress or my weblog (whout the bebo proxy thing, and it doesn't allow you to post links, videos, photos, nothing except text). Can you please please tell me what i can do to unlock myself. My website seems to be working fine at almost the 15 computers i tried to log into it from, it's only this computer the website seems to have a problem with. Gives me an error message of: Page Not Found every time i tried to go in. Somebody help!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have you shut down that machine, restarted it, cleared the browser cache and cookies and tried to log in again?

  3. It's been three days and been starting and re-starting it to no use. But i don't understand what the brower cache and cookies are. Can you tell me where i could find them?

  4. Was hoping somebody can give me a "fair warning" and let me go. This blog (and the nick) is really important to me. And logging through it from Bebo Proxy drives you nuts!

  5. I think you may have to contact staff:

  6. Did! The lady told me to follow a link and reset my password. I don't think she understood what i was talking about! :-(

  7. Did you reset your password? They won't help you again until you do what they told you to; it's sort of a reflex. Put ALL the details in your message and include a link to this thread, even though you've already included all the details.

  8. No, she thought i was having a password-forgetting problem. Maybe because i used the same wordpress support unit that deals with password problems.

  9. Anywho, tried to change my password as you suggested. But couldn't log into the address the lady recommended. All I got is the same error message: "Unable to open page".

  10. Do you think sending the lady my IP address would help her unblock/unlock my computer?

  11. u can try..

    or u can change broswer?

  12. Browser change! Now, that's a term i haven't come across yet. Do you mean change my Windwos XP to something like Ubunto.. or Linux.. or something weird sounding like that? Or .. something else?

  13. Try Firefox instead of Internet Explorer (or Opera)

  14. Do you use a Proxy software on your computer?

  15. Wrong thread, Sorry.

  16. Ok. Lemme check it out!

  17. Oh my God! Oh my God! I installed mozilla firefox and my weblog opened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Happy Blogging :)

  19. :-)

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