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My content was copied and used in free wordpress blog

  1. I would like to report "" this free wordpress site for copying the content from my wesbite.

    Here is my blog -

    I request the support team to ban the user for violating your terms.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. - is just a slimy get rich quick something or another - not really welcome here - just flag it as spam for starters

  3. ~~auxclass
    I did that.

  4. ~~TT - figured you might have done that

    We should leave the OP something to do that duplicates what was already done - but don't play the slime ball videos from either site - they grab your browser and stop you from leaving the site -

  5. Thank you very much for taking fast action on this issue.

  6. All I did was report the blog.

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