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My country does not seem to be valid, why?

  1. My country is Nigeria, i live and work in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. I am trying to buy thw word press value bundle but i keep getting this error report.....
    10746: This transaction cannot be processed. Please use a valid country on the billing address.
    is it the postal code. what is it please HELP!!!
    Blog url:

  2. The only methods of payment for upgrades are major credit cards from approved countries and PayPal supported countries. There are no other payment options. Nigeria is not a supported country
    See what Staff (macmanx) has said here >

  3. Wow, that information sucks! No offense but now my purpose seems defeated. cos i was looking forward to owning my own domain & using your software. is there anything i can do about registering my domain & if i can register my domain elsewhere but still use your software...

  4. I'm so sorry there have been such an awful of people up to no good based in Nigeria that the country is not longer a PayPal supported country.

  5. if i can register my domain elsewhere but still use your software...

    No because you would still require a domain mapping upgrade to map the domain to a free hosted blog and that upgrade is purchased from

  6. If you want to stay at WordPress.COM with a custom domain name you have limited choices - you can register the domain name you want with a registrar that will take your credit card then get a friend that lives in a supported country to pay for the domain mapping for you - sucks I know - but short of getting your own host (more expensive) you have limited options -

  7. yea, there'll always be bad eggs in Nigeria. now i'm confused don't know what to do. I was hoping to salvage my purpose by
    1. getting the wordpress software from cos i think it's a cool way to manage a site
    2. using a webhost to register/host my blog.
    Any advice would help...preferably best advice though lol

  8. @auxclass. thanx.
    i really wanted everything on 1 site to make CMS much easier.
    how much would the domain mapping cost?

  9. Domain mapping to a WordPress.COM blog is $ 13.00 U.S. per year. Then you also need to add the cost of domain registration with another registrar.

  10. can i keep my wordpress blog & use the wordpress software to create as well as manage a website?
    sorry for my questions.
    i'm a newbie..

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