My Current theme (Sunspot) is not an available theme

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    I want to change my theme however, my current theme (Sunspot) is no longer available in the list of themes. I am afraid if I try a new theme, I will lose my ability to reset it to “Sunspot” How, if possible, can I backup my current theme… or reuse “Sunspot”
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    There is no theme backup. As you are already using the theme it does not appear as a theme selection that you can make here > Appearance > Themes When you chose another theme and activate it then your current theme (Sunspot) will be available for selection and the one you activate will not be available for selection.

    Changing themes is easy to do and no data is ever lost. You can go here Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and select a new theme and activate it. After you change your theme all you need to do is go here Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Inactive Widgets and re-install them where you want them to appear. The widget contents and settings will be the same as they were prior to changing themes.

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