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My custom header not showing up (rather not solved)

  1. Hi.

    I've got custom header on It's dissapearing lately, althouhgt you said in that problem is solved.

    Image is stored in "Uploads" but is not showing on page. Strange that other images stored in Uploads are showing on page.

    Only solution I know is to upload image again. But this works for only day/two.

    Now I uploaded it again but wouldn't like to do it every day :/

    Please have a look at this again or explain me if I'm wrong.

    Greets -
    Gracjan, PL
    (sorry for possible eng. mistakes)

  2. thesecondnight

    For the past two days, every morning I wake up and check my blog, and every morning my custom header is gone, along with ALL of my custom css coding. In other words, it keeps reverting back to the original template, despite the fact that I am saving all of my changes as I go. Other things are also disappearing (pages, widgets I've moved into my sidebar, etc.).

    My URL:

    Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

  3. It's the same for me. Every day my recently opened second blog with Ocean Mist theme ( resets my custom header and tells me that my created pages were not available (error 404 - file not found). Then again, it may change to full working mode again in the evening before being resetted the next afternoon or so.

    My main blog ( is not affected by any of this. What's wrong there? I'd really appreciate your help! =)

    (Anyways, you are great, guys! WordPress is superb~)

  4. Heh. Now all my images are gone. I'm not going to host them on serwer any more.

    Could you allow us to host header on other server? Now I have to load image directly from hard drive.

    Greets -
    Gracjan, PL

  5. You'll need to send a feedback into support when it opens. Give them about 90 minutes as it's only 7:30 AM over on the west coast of the US.

    In the past, all the images have been there.

    Make sure to give specifics. What the image looks like. What post it should be in. You can't give too many details.

  6. sroczegnaizdo, you need to clear your browser cache because not only are all of your images on your site at , but the custom header is also fixed ;)


  7. issue w/ images here as well, including custom header. I've cleared cache however issue remains; tarski theme.

    thanks trent for any help you can send my way!

  8. really.....your site looks the same as it always does when I visit todayyesterdayandtomorrow. What are you seeing? It even looks the same as me when you posted the other day with your ad (but obviously without). Header is there and looks right to me....hmm.


  9. the images are not showing up, only red x's in their spot.

    YO - Not MY ad - W/P ad - I hate them I hate them I hate them.....

  10. Could you provide an example of what posts have the red X's? I don't see any of them. As well, sorry about bringing up the pet peeve...... ;)


  11. southernborn42

    My custom header disappeared to. I noted in a previous forum dated Sept. 17 that the issue had been resolved. It isn't. Help!

  12. {waving to trent}
    I'm using a firefox 2 browser and can clearly see both a header and images without red x's. I can see images in the sidebar and in posts.

  13. This is really strange. I see your custom header (winter one) as well. Is anyone else not seeing these custom headers as well? Am I just sitting here lucky?


  14. If you don't see them, and only I do, I'll blame it on my computer and be happy.

    I'm that easy.

    I hate ads THAT much. :)

    what a stink spot to slap them too. top center. huge. top center. NOT discreet. I hate them.
    If anyone else mentions red x's on my blog, I'll ring back :)

  15. the header should have the NO GMO sign on a farm

  16. Well if you don't want advertising then know that soon you will be able to purchase an upgrade to keep them off your blog.

    To support the service we may occasionally show Adsense ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own Adsense ads and make money from your blog.

  17. I see your header.

  18. This post should have a few photos with it - (example)

    Thanks T! That will be a relief!!!!! tacky tacky tacky....

  19. I see 5 images in total in that post - no problem. Which browser and version of it are you using?

  20. although we've known for a while about the ads (from seeing our visitors clicking on the links, prior to w/p removing the links from our stats), I've always thought them to be discreet so I've not concerned myself since. However when I saw them the other day, they were not discreet, they were ugly. I showed you the example- tacky.... I had thought they were running as little chicklets on the bottom of the blog or something.

  21. work computer - IE6 piece of undated thing.

  22. I had to reload your page a few times to get all the images to show up. Might be that particular post is massive and takes quite some time to load....


  23. @southernborn42
    I clearly see the image header on your blog in the Contempt theme. Which browser and version of it are your using?

  24. My custom header is not showing up right now, either. :(

  25. @nrepair I see a fall scene of trees for your header, is that correct? I did notice that it took quite a while for your site to load.

    [edit: it hung quite a while on utube]

  26. @today
    The first time I went to your site (a few minutes ago), I did not see the header, but just now it appeared.

  27. @thesacredpath - It is working again. YouTube usually takes a while to load, but it was loading in earlier even when I didn't have a header image or other images in my posts.


  28. @nrepair
    I've been lucky and haven't been hit with any of the header or image problems, but things certainly aren't as stable as they have been in the past. Staff will get to the bottom of all of them though.

  29. All of these issues should be resolved. If you are still having problems, please contact support via the Support link in the upper right hand side of your blog's dashboard.

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