My custom header won’t show up…

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    I’m trying to add a custom header to my blog but whenever I try to actually go to my blog it’s not there. I’m using the ChaoticSoul template and when I click on Add Custom Header I can see the picture I want to add, it’s just not showing up at all on the blog. is my blog. Does anyone know why this is happening? When I make it go back to the default header it shows up.



    did you check to see if the image
    is the size it ask for…

    On the page were you upload
    the image header it will say
    Height & width


    yup. Checked that. It’s the exact size of the default header.



    If it is a picture of some buildings, I see it. Try clearing your cache.



    I see it as well. It came up quickly.

    But I’m also having an issue with a blipping image; sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. Maybe try to re-upload the exact same header, but rename the file first ( is easily confused by files with the same name). See if that takes care of the issue.



    I also see now I couldn’t before…..


    Hmmm weird. OK I still can’t see it but oh well. If other people can I guess that’s all that matters. Maybe it’s just my browser or something. Thanks guys!



    Did you clear your cache as Vivian suggested?


    Yeah I tried twice. I think I may try uninstalling and reinstalling firefox and hopefully that will work. Otherwise, I don’t know but I’m out of ideas lol.



    Is it JPEG? because sometimes, if not it will screw up and not dispay.



    I’m having the exact same problem on a different template. I have also created a custom banner. Sometimes i see it, sometimes i don’t. Outside wordpress viewers don’t seem to see it at all.



    We can’t help without a direct link to your blog, starting with http.

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