My customizer will not let me change the color of my header text, even though I've always been

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    Hi Sandra,

    Just to give you a bit more information. In many of the newer themes the header/link text will automatically change colors based on the color of your background. For example, if you choose a black background the header text to change to white.

    As this is not happing with Able, I have opened a ticket up with the theme team. Once I hear back, one way or the other, I’ll respond here.

    As you mentioned, one option for now is to add your site’s title to the header image then hide the title text.



    A lot of bloggers don’t really care what color their title text is. But I’m a person who loves to combine photos, background, and text so that they compliment each other in a particular way with each change. It’s part of what I enjoy about blogging, and it’s probably connected with the fact that part of what I do for a living is design book covers and greeting cards.

    There’s a good chance that I’m the odd one out when it comes to this particular function, but, as I said, I was just upset to discover that WordPress would just suddenly and arbitrarily take something away from so many themes that I had been using and counting on. But I may go ahead and change themes soon and see what else I can find that I can be somewhat satisfied with for the time being. Thanks for all your help.



    You’re welcome, and I’ll make sure to circle back around if i hear more on Able.

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