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My Custon Image Header Is Not Changing.

  1. I just started a secondary blog, and I picked a theme that used a custom image header. I uploaded something slapdash, just as a placeholder until I could figure out what I wanted to put up. Now I have, and I'm trying to upload it, but the old image won't go away. I've tried deleting it out of my media library. Any suggestions?

  2. First, can we have a link to the blog? Also, what is supposed to be there (description) and what is actually there (again, a description).

    It's possible that it's a local browser caching issue. Try hitting ctrl+f5 (windows IE and FF) and see what happens.

  3. The blog is What is supposed to be there is a picture of a very dark storm cloud with some ground (trees and a distant house) just visible at the bottom. Instead, it shows just some generic clouds.

  4. Are you uploading the new header image by going to design > custom header image?

  5. Fixed. I needed to rename the file so it was less like the old header's filename, it seems.

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