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    Pls help,I want to post a new content to my blog but cant find my dashboard.

    The blog I need help with is


    It is here, and please do not post multiple threads on the same thing.



    Thanks for your assistance.Multiplicity was due to network problem in my area as at the time of submission.


    Ah yes, the internet is sometimes fickle that way.

    Did you get into your dashboard OK?



    How long can I stay on writing a new post before I can be logged out? I lost a content of less than 1000words before completion?What could be responsible for it?Pls,help!



    You must click “save” once when creating a post or page in order to activate the autosave feature so post or page revisions as the case may be are created.
    post revisions
    page revisions
    For detailed instructions for Recovering a lost blog post or page.

    The best choice to make is to use an offline blog editor like windows live writer or Ecto to create and publish content on your blog. Note that using them results also in a backup copy of every posts and page on your own computer.



    There is no timeout on being logged in on You mentioned above that you were having network problems in your area and that more likely is the problem.

    As timethief pointed out, your best choice is using an offline editor (even a plain text editor like EditPad Lite) to compose your posts and then upload them to your blog.



    Fellow members.thanks for your usual & unfailing help.Help on this also:what can I do to make my dashboard always available for serious blogging activities.It is not available now & I am ready to post a content?

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