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my dashboard won't load. i'm using safari 4.1.3 - the same browser i've used!

  1. getfitblackgirl

    dashboard won't load
    Blog url:

  2. (1) How are are connecting to the internet and to

    I'm asking because the way you connect to the internet (mobile, satellite, DSL, dial-up) and to your blog, and how many proxy server jumps etc. it takes to connect can cause problems. There maybe be problems with your ISP and/or with the proxy servers. Also note that the main dashboard isn’t designed to work with touch devices through the tablet and smartphone browsers.

    (2) Have you tried?
    clearing your browser cache and cookies >
    using the browser with all extensions or add-ons disabled
    confirming third party cookies are enabled
    updating the browser to the latest stable version (not a buggy BETA browser version)

    (3) Are you logging in using the secure https:// log-in? see

  3. getfitblackgirl

    i automatically clear caches and cookies are set to allow this site.

    i have already updated this browser to the latest for my version of mac. anything higher would require me to buy a new machine. i'm not in the market for that.

    i'm not logging on using a secure connection.

    i haven't done anything unique or different since i created this account and established my blog. this is something new on wordpress's part. i'm using the same machine, wireless connection, and browser as i did when i created this account.

    the dashboard's tabs won't load and i can't do ANYTHING and i'm quite irritated.

    thanks for trying to help. i appreciate it. i'd like to get this blog up and running. this is quite frustrating.

  4. i'm not logging on using a secure connection

    Please use the secure https:// log-in link and then let us know how you fare.

  5. getfitblackgirl

    it's not working. there is a circle that keeps spinning but nothing comes up. i see the tabs for the dashboard and click on them, but i can't access them. again, i've never had this issue when i created this account and established this blog. i never had to change settings to https://. it appears that is doesn't work either way. and i can't change the setting because i can't get into my dashboard.

  6. I've flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting.

  7. getfitblackgirl


  8. Can you try Opera 10.63 if you're on a PPC Mac or Opera 11.11 if you're on an intel Mac?

  9. getfitblackgirl

    i can get in now. did someone go into my dashboard and reset the settings to a secure logon? i think i already did that the first time i set it up, but i can't be sure. but when i logged on, my dashboard immediately popped up. hopefully, it is now stabilized. can anyone confirm this? Can you confirm that it's not stabilized or that someone fixed this?

    also, i don't install new browsers on my powerPC. most of these require a higher version of MAC OS, which i'm not in the market to buy. i've gotten along this long without having to do that. i don't like Opera and it does not work well. i've tried SEVERAL browsers. the only one that works well is Safari. but thanks for the suggestion.

  10. getfitblackgirl

    okay. i can get into the dashboard, but it appears the tabs won't load all the way. one tab will load, but then the wordpress logo will just spin around and around. there is a series of tabs at the top when i click "manage blogs." these do not function properly. can someone fix this?

  11. getfitblackgirl

    now i can't get back into my dashboard. this is frustrating.....there was NOTHING wrong with this when i first created this account.

  12. getfitblackgirl


  13. I've flagged this thread for Staff attention some time ago now. Please be patient while waiting.

  14. Hey there,

    We've been having some intermittent network-related performance issues with portions of, so I'd like to rule that out as a possible cause here. Could you please perform a traceroute to and post the results here?


  15. getfitblackgirl

    if you've been having issues on your end, then it's not my machine or connection.

    but based on the instructions to perform a traceroute, here are the results:


  16. It looks like everything network-related is cooperating right now. Are you still not able to access your dashboard?

  17. getfitblackgirl


  18. getfitblackgirl

    the only way to access the dashboard is when i click on the "stats" tab. but not all of the page loads. i then click on dashboard. however, the tabs on the screen for settings, notifications, etc. do not load at all.

    i can't live like this. please fix this.

  19. getfitblackgirl

    why did wordpress change this? it worked fine without this change. it's a problem for me and i can't work on my blog like this.

  20. Hey there,

    Have you tried accessing your blog from another computer, perhaps one at a library of internet cafe, to see if you can reproduce the problem there?

    As your problem does not seem to be related to the intermittent network issues we've had reported, it appears that it is likely related to the older version of OS/X and Safari you're running.

    Technology advances at a very quick pace. Over the last few years, websites have become increasingly reliant on technologies like Javascript that are, unfortunately, quite a bit of work for the computer to handle. Older browsers were not developed with this in mind. As a result, when you try to use an older browser on some websites, you'll experience performance issues, as you are here.

    Is there any chance you could consider upgrading your system? You'll receive lots of benefits outside of'll be able to use newer programs, things will run faster, and you'll be able to show it off to all of your friends!

    I understand that nobody likes having to upgrade--I kept my Windows 98 NEC desktop for almost eight years--but the benefits truly do outweigh the drawbacks.


  21. getfitblackgirl

    i started this trouble ticket at the library. i used this version of safari when i created this account in March of this year. it worked FINE.

    WORDPRESS CHANGED IT'S HOMEPAGE AND IT DOES NOT WORK APPROPRIATELY. if your new changes do not support old browsers, then notifications should have been sent out. i spent a week with you people and this is the best you can do? YOU'RE TECH SUPPORT!

    you're talking to me as if i've never owned a computer or have NO TECH SKILLS. i could care less about impressing my friends with a new computer or showing them what i can do with my computer. that NEVER ENTERS MY MIND WHEN I SHOP FOR COMPUTERS OR ANY TECHNOLOGY. that's insulting.

    you still have not resolved this issue. i just told you i am not in the market to upgrade my system just to use this free site. i think developers should keep in mind that people have older versions of operating systems and develop systems that would service ALL, not get kickbacks every time someone upgrades to use your product. i think it's unfair. i chose wordpress because of its reputation and popularity. i decided to create a blog and begin my business using wordpress. but if you're telling me i must fork over money, which i do not have, to upgrade my computer JUST TO USE your site, then i would ask that you delete my account and request for a permanent removal of my information from your database. this is ridiculous.

    i'll go elsewhere...and will not recommend wordpress to anyone else.

    i'm completely offended.

    how do i delete this account and blog since i cannot get INTO MY DASHBOARD TO DO IT?

  22. getfitblackgirl

    none of you have helped.

  23. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you. :(

  24. how do i delete this account and blog since i cannot get INTO MY DASHBOARD TO DO IT?

    Username accounts are not deleted at

  25. In an ideal world, would maintain a list of supported browsers; and if they considered your browser was too old to reasonably support, they would then be able to tell you so immediately without wasting your time with traceroutes and suggestions to spend hundreds of $$$ on a new computer.

    I would also suggest not getting too insulted by the attempts at support by a staff member who is evidently new and still figuring out the best way of talking to frustrated customers.

  26. getfitblackgirl

    how would i know if your support staff is "new"? i simply stated my issue. your team of THREE came back to me. the first person stated that she would flag the thread for "staff." i assumed she was part of "staff." then two other people chimed in.

    so if the USER is getting frustrated by having three random people tell her NOTHING to solve her issue, then i don't know what to tell you. i don't apologize for being human. i think i have been patient and have checked all possible areas that were suggested even BEFORE they were suggested.

    bottom line: WORDPRESS developers should not change things if they are not sure it could support existing users' browsers - no matter how old or how new.

    i don't know how many times i've had to state that i created this account using this same browser. i was able to create the blog, create a post, set a theme, etc. all under this same browser. it is your new homepage that is NOT WORKING WITH MY BROWSER.

    you're not addressing that. you simply ignore my statements that i cannot afford an upgrade but tell me to buy an upgrade and then insult my intelligence by telling me i'll be the envy of all of my friends by buying new upgrades for my computer. i'm sorry, but HOW IS THAT HELPING MY ISSUE?

    "In an ideal world, would maintain a list of supported browsers" <- so this ISN'T my issue. it's wordpress's issue. maybe wordpress SHOULD keep a list of supported browsers. there are those of us who have older versions and have started using your product based on being able to do so prior to your changes. so don't put that responsibility on me.

    this whole thread was a waste of my time.



  27. You would figure out the staff member was new the same way I did; looking at their forum profile to see how long they'd been active here (in this case, a week). Most browsers also render the usernames of staff on a different background colour to other users; it works in my version of Safari, though obviously I can't speak for yours. Unfortunately it seems in this case that staff can't solve the issues you are having, and it is also beyond the scope of forum volunteers. Timethief has already apologised for this, so all that remains to say is good luck with your blogging elsewhere :)

    (years ago my gravatar used to read 'NOT STAFF', maybe I should change it back for the benefit of people with ropey browsers?)

  28. getfitblackgirl

    thanks for trying clarify, but when i spend HOURS searching how to ask for support and i'm directed here, i'm not looking at avi's, i'm looking for SOLUTIONS.

    since these sites don't have a direct line to tech support, this is what happens. you have to sift through answers from other users and not the developers themselves.

    it's over. it's done.

  29. Hey there,

    I apologize if you've taken any offense to my previous statements. I was trying to emphasize that there are other consideration to be had when upgrading systems, and used an example that many individuals typically perceive.

    As far as browsers are concerned, we support any of the browsers listed here, and test every change in each of them. should work in any browser that is still supported by its vendor.

    In your particular instance, Apple officially ceased support of OS/X 10.4 when OS/X 10.6 was released in August 2009. That means that your system--and browser--stopped receiving updates at this time.

    We do not deliberately attempt to break things in older browsers, but it's inevitable that a change we implement will eventually cause older browsers to stop functioning properly. We don't like when this happens, but, at times, it's unavoidable.

    I'm sorry that the platform no longer fits your needs. Please let us know if you need any assistance transferring elsewhere.


  30. Hi im having the same problem with safari this is my version (Version 5.1.7 )
    I can log in but dashboard just hangs, cant get into anything.
    Do i need to upgrade the browser.
    Everything works find on my Vitsa but not my mac.

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