My Dashboard,, HUGE Font size using Flock browser

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    I’ve been using WP for a long time; both Free and self-hosted flavors. I also use Firefox, Flock, Safari, Google Chrome and test in IE. Until last week, I’d never had an problem with maintaining a descent looking – size wise – My Dashboard in WP. However, mid-last week, while working in a new WordPress FREE hosted account, the MyDashboard, on Flock has taken on the look and feel of a sight-challenged operator screen. The type font is HUGE! And nothing I do will affect it: up or down.

    I don’t notice this with the self-hosted WP’s I have or my other blogs! Only on this new one.

    I have scoured the FAQ’s and the rest of the Forum discussions with a number of KEY WORD search parameters and nothing is mentioned about this. I have also tried to find – in the My Consol – and in the Forum, something that would tell me a ‘switch’ to activate or deactivate to bring the My Dashboard back down to regular size.

    I’ve cleared the CACHE. Hard-booted the machine. And about everything else but send email to the Witch of Endore for help!

    Doe ANYONE have a clue as to what it causing the case of gigantum flockus on My Dashboard????

    Help in Hoosierville!




    If I were you I’d send a note to staff via the Dashboard of the affected, and while you’re using Flock. Have you tried looking at that Dashboard with other browsers since the change?



    Yes. I use all the browsers mentioned in the original post. Nothing is changed. I’m looking at the My Dashboard right now and see it as huge in Flock, but normal in Firefox and Google Chrome. I can then go to other accounts and the My Dashboard is totally normal. This is really weird!



    Go to your view menu in Flock and to “text size” and select “normal” and see if that corrects it. I just opened flock (I have it only for reference) and my dashboard is totally normal.

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