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My dashboard's been hijacked

  1. I've been added as a contributer to someone else's (much bigger) blog. This is fine but now my dashboard is flooded with updates notices for their blog. Is there anyway for me to stop this?

  2. To my understanding, it will always show the content from all the blogs that you are involved with in that Dashboard view.


  3. Is there another dashboard view?

  4. Maybe I should clarify my last question. I understand that there is a drop down menu that let's you switch between blogs but is there a non-global view that let's you view the action on one view at a time?

  5. Not as far as I know, but it is a logical request. Maybe submit a feedback on Monday?

  6. I would very much like the same feature. I have access to a blogger colleague's dashboard and vice versa. We did that, so that we could help each other. But it is true - the dashboard gets overwhelmed...

  7. This one of teh reasons why I hate being added to folks blogs and they never take me off of them afterwards. Actually had to get Mark last week to remove me from one.

  8. I see. Well, I definitely take your suggestion and submit feedback. Hopefully others with the same problem will do the same. Thanks for your help.

  9. *chuckle* Actually I hope other folks don't have the problem. It's a pain.

  10. You're telling me. A heads up somewhere in the FAQ at least would be nice. It simply didn't occur to me that anyone who was not the blog owner or administrator would need access to that information. After all, I can see when that blog is updated through the RSS feed -- If I CHOOSE to. There is a work-around (if you have a another email account.) You can set up another user account and use that to be a contributing editor. It's not ideal (you'll have to redirect traffic to your "real" site and username, but you won't clutter up your main dashboard. I've set this up, but haven't starting using it yet, because it's a pain for everyone involved, and I'm hoping it will be an easy thing for wordpress to change. I'm hopeful, but not holding my breath.

  11. OY! and you should have heard raincoaster when I made her an editor on a blog of mine. She went ballistic.

  12. To say the LEAST. At least I calmed down before I called the Mounties.

  13. It was a close call ... Indeed I was afraid you would run across the Strait without even touching the surface and wring my neck ... lol :D

  14. I figured I could get Lloyd to do it for me if I asked nicely.

  15. And who would pay for the float plane. After all he's not one of us who can fly without the aid of a machine, right? ;)

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