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My dashboards menu showing wrong domains

  1. I successfully created a second blog. In the process I tried several domains which were not available. Now I find that the domains that were not available are listed in several places, including the My Dashboards menu and under the "your blogs" list on the home page - along with the two blogs that are mine. Is it possible to remove the incorrect domains?

  2. Omg. Please don't try to delete them until an admin checks on this. If those domains were indeed unavailable and somebody else owns them, this could turn out to be a very scary bug indeed. Please submit a Feedback from your dashboard.

  3. I won't delete them - I can't anyway. I'll send the feedback as you suggested.

  4. Wait, do you mean to say the domains are listed but you don't actually have dashboard access to these domains?

    That's a relief then. But still scary nonetheless.

  5. Yes that's right. I don't have admin access, they just appear in most (if not all) of the places where my two blogs are also listed.

  6. Please send in a feedback with details of this. (ie list the blogs that you see and note that which ones are yours and which ones are not yours.) This is a backend issue that can't be dealt with here in the forums.

    Someone mentioned a few weeks ago something simular where that had been added in as a Author on a blog that they have never heard of before. I wonder if this is the same thing here.

  7. aparentsmemoirs

    I also had the same problem with trying to create a new blog only to find out it was taken. However, when I went to my dashboard all those names for a blog I thought were taken were attached to my dashboard. I finally figured out I did have admin access. Originally I couldn't get to them, but then I typed the url in my browser instead of clicking on the name linked to my dashboard and it took me to the blog. From that point when I went to dashboard it was the dashboard of the new blog. Sounds is! Considering I am new to word press this is difficult. Now my problem is when I want to leave a comment on a person's site it only leaves my original blog's name, not the secondary blog I actually am on. Does this make any sense???

  8. Feeback sent. I received the following reply:

    Thanks for this - we'll get that looked at and sorted out.
    Things should be back to normal soon.



  9. AParent, please follow the sugegstion made above and send in a feedback from your dashboard with a specific list of what's correct and what's not.

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