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My deleted blogs

  1. I was forced to delete all my blogs because some one unknown to me reported my blogs as to having advertising within them I asked wordpress to reply to an email earlier today for an answer to the questions I asked but since I have been visiting other blogs in wordpress which to my view is advertising and yet they are still online.
    I think it is really unfair that one is treated one way and others another way.

  2. You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for hosted blogs only. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog you need to seek help at the forums, not here.

    If you don't understand the difference, you may find this information helpful.

  3. While logged into wordpress.COM and when visiting a blog that you think violates the terms of service, go to the "blog info" menu in the grey bar at the top of the screen and select "report as spam."

  4. pornstarbabylon

    Reporting other blogs won't help or change anything. It's just they haven't found those blogs but did yours. I was deflowered of my WordPress global tag privileges & IP banned by Digg. But I know far worse blogs and content are out there with nothing done.

  5. You were not forced to delete your blogs because someone reported you: you were forced to delete your blogs because you were in violation of the Terms of Service. If you want to be a sore loser and run around ratting out other people, go ahead, but it won't get your blogs back and it only makes you a sore loser.

  6. I'm not a sore loser but I'm who believes in standing up and speaking out for the lower classes of the communities of the world.
    Any way my blog didn't carry an advertising but out carried names of websites in which more help could be received, I am still to receive as answer to those questions.
    As I know Iwas shut down by a third party.

  7. You were not. You were shut down by staff. They are the ones who looked at your blog and made that call.

  8. I know I'm right and I will keep fighting to get a much fairer bloging system for all users not one set of rules for some and another set of rules for others.
    All I wanted to know is who reported my blog so I can state my case about my blog

  9. If someone reported your blog, staff will not give out that information. They have said so in the past.

    They quite truthfully don't care who reported a blog. If one is reported, then they check it out. If it is in violation, then the blog owner will either get a message in their dashboard telling them to contact staff, or their blog will be suspended. Which happens depends on the violation. Every case is looked at individually.

  10. You state your case about your blog to Support, not to anyone else, and certainly not here in the forum. If I report you to the police for whatever crime I think you are guilty of, the police makes the call, and it's the police you answer to. Same thing with blogs that get reported on It's staff that investigate the reported blog and delete it. There's no different set of rules for different blogs. The difference lies in who gets reported or not, or who is found out by staff without reporting. Some get away (for a while), some don't.

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    If you want to use the blog for personal purposes and nothing to do with money making then I can sort that out. But if you want to have a blog where you can sell financial dreams you need to look elsewhere.

  12. My blog had nothing to do with making money but more with to do with advice in living from day to day and been able to keep ones head above water in regards to keeping out of debt in these tuff times.
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  13. Running around sulking about how your get rich quick scheme got killed is not going to make you rich quickly. I suggest you move on rather than continue to whine about the death of a pyramid scheme.

  14. It seems to me that if your information is so fantastic, you would be rich beyond dreams, and thus you would have no need to complain about…

    unless you want to get philosophical and discuss:
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  15. It isn't a pyramid scheme or a get rich scheme but something I practice week in week out for keeping above debts and also about keeping on good terms with all one's credtors and lenders as will be seen in my blog when it is released.
    I myself am not rich in fact I don't want to be, in fact I spend my time mixing and living with the lower classes of the community in which I live.

  16. You're not that good at keeping on good terms with people, are you? Especially if you persist in characterizing people as "the lower classes."

  17. Oh! will raincoaster I'm one of the lower classes and the term doesn't upset me a bit in fact very happy that the Lord looks after my every need.

  18. Then why are you still bitching here and looking for revenge?

  19. I'm not complaining as you are saying raincoaster, but I'm only trying to get wordpress to see that they made a mistake in prejudging my blog.


    That doesn't look like you're inquiring about a policy decision; it looks like you're aiming to make a victim of someone, anyone.

    Why don't you move on? You've heard the official staff response already:

  21. Why don't you move on like wise raincoaster as this matter isn't your concern.

  22. what is this?

    I am assembling a blog and someone comes in within 5 minutes ....and calls me a spammer?? And then deletes the whole thing?

    Who is protecting who from whom??

  23. @eljimb0, if the blog was deleted, contact staff directly at . If the blog is not associated with your username, then you can log out of wordpress, go to the link I provided and click the "I don't have a blog" checkbox and then use the contact form.

  24. The matter is my concern because it's in the forum. The forum is the province of the forum volunteers. They include me. As has been explained, this is not the place to communicate with staff; we can only assume that you wish to communicate with us when you post here.

  25. @ psst: raincoaster:

    False face must hide what the false heart doth know.

  26. My point eljimp0 how could anyone say my blog was what in wasn't it would be better for support in the future to contact the owner of th blog pointing out any concerns they have and givie them a set time to put the matter rght. Because we are all human and we all can make mistakes even when creating blogs.

    I pick you are talking about the photo 1tess that is and there is nothing false about me in fact there are more people admire me than hate me.

  27. Pssst @1tess: nope. Provenance is where something has come FROM, it's geographical past. Province is a realm of authority.

  28. Ta
    What was I thinking? sorry—no authority here. (

  29. "I'm a blogger, dammit, not a copyeditor!" You should always try to brazen it out.

  30. Saying nothing seems to be the WordPress motto and I don't trust their we'll "As Soon As Possible" message after I sent two messages from their support page. Still waiting for a reply.

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