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  1. Purchased my own domain several months ago. Not sure how it works. A prompt shows up intermittently asking me to click on "" to activate. Not sure how that works, and what it means as far as my traffic switching from "" to "" Do my followers automatically switch over, and does everythingelse remain the same...without any interruption to my traffic?

    Blog url:

  2. It's not so much a switch, in fact it's just activated over your existing blog. THink of it as a new coat for your blog.

    Nothing will change underneath, just how the name publicly appears.

  3. Other than clicking "activate," do I need to make any changes to my settings. When I first purchased my domain name I noticed where I could make either "" or "" the primary URL. At first I used my domain name but then it seemed to affect my traffic, so I reverted back to using it with WordPress. And if I don't need to do anything, then why does the prompt appear intermittently, telling me to click to activate my domain name?


  4. Nothing else required, just activate your primary domain.

    The prompt appears intermittently, because you aren't using the domain you paid for to its full potential (by making it primary).

  5. Thanks. I've now made my primary domain. Your explanations have helped.


  6. You're welcome!

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