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    Hello my domain expired and I cant seem to figure out how or where to pay to get it back up. Can some one help me with this please? is the domain.



    Hi there. This domain expired more than 18 days ago, so unfortunately this means you need to Contact Suppport to renew the domain. You can do so at this page:


    Thank you so much Jane for the response. I must say wordpress support is difficult to figure out. I navigate to that page and it seems to bring me back to asking the community. Is there an easy way to renew a domain. I use other hosting services and I just click renew domain, so easy. Here I cant seem to find a place to just renew it. Is there an exact way to renew a domain that you know of besides going back to the link you sent me?




    It’s easy to renew a domain before it’s expired, by going into your administration area under Store > My Upgrades.

    Unfortunately, after it’s expired for that long things get a little trickier.

    I’ll send an email to the address of the site owner with further instructions.

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