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    I have got the same problem that a few others have posted about, the site will not open, a google alert comes up, you can see a screen shot here:

    The blog I need help with is



    Is that your blog?


    yes it is, the domain is hosted right here, and am getting that warning page about malware, that’s the screen save so you can see the warning. Posted it on one of my other blogs.


    I don’t know where this site came from, do not believe I posted anything about this site, unless someone posted a comment with that link??


    Member is not hosted at Please contact your hosting provider to help you with your issue.


    my domain is, it is hosted on, they offer that in case you didn’t know. the warning about is NOT my domain, but it seems to be prohibiting by domain, which is hosted on wordpress, from opening, it will open, if you ignore the warning and proceed.



    Have you hotlinked any images from that site?



    Do you perhaps have a manual redirection (to or CNAME record set up in the control panel of your domain registrar? If so, could you please remove it?


    I have not got any redirect to that site, I thought, perhaps, someone posted a comment or a link to that site, but haven’t come across any so far. I have not done anything to the CNAME record in the control panel of domain registrar. All we have been doing is posting our normal blog posts, period, nothing else.


    but, i’ll try to go to the registrar and check, maybe someone has hacked it, although I’ve seen at least one other post in the forum of another blogger who appears to have the same problem.


    checked CNAME still is
    Nameservers: (Last update 6/9/2012)



    Please add all three nameservers:



    have not hot linked any images, do not know about comments




    so guess everybody gave up, how do you contact WordPress directly? the site has been checked with google and a hold list of other site checkers, including Norton and Sophos and it checks out ok. So why does that warning keep coming up??



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    It seems you hotlink an image from in your ‘352-xxx-xxx’ text widget. Please remove the image from that text widget.


    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You:)

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